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Latest reviews and comments

Herac Coffee Shop - MCspace
HT Hi Tianjin
"Very convenient if you need a place to work in the afternoon near yingkoudao cheaper and quite than Starbucks "
HT Hi Tianjin
"The performance will be in English with Chinese subtitles Ticket can be purchased buy copy pasting the link from the mini app. ..."
French musical 'Notre Dame de Paris'
HT Hi Tianjin
"Hello please copy paste this link https://www.moretickets.com/content/5cc53b9f4fd9d64f2fab2a5e"
French musical 'Notre Dame de Paris'
S文 Siana 文倩
"Good evening to everyone. I'm facing some problems to buy tickets, can anyone help me to buy it please."
C Cherie
"Is this performance in English? "
Scooter wanted
R reinaldo
"I wanna sell my... Contact me pls 13212277436"
Rester Cafe
TS Tim Schneider
"It is was great 👍 the food is good and the environment is very nice "
"Tianjin - Beijing - Hebei": No more Visa for 144 hours stay
JW Jan Wilgorski
"Hello, does somebody know if it’s allowed to arrive at Tianjin Airport and leave from Beijing Airport with the latest Transit Visa regulations?"
Cosy Cafe Aocheng
"I really like to go there. The food is good and the atmosphere is relax. During international event you can ask the owner to set TV on the Chanel you..."
DE Donna Eliza Przeluski
"Trouble buying tickets through the app. Suggestions?"
Tianjin Book Building
C Charaz
"It’s quite resourceful and has quite a few English texts. "
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