4 Measures to ease work permit application during the pandemic


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Following the notice of 11th May of the "Ministry of Science and Technology"; "Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Bureau" has released a series of 4 measures to facilitate the application of the work permit application process in Tianjin for foreign experts during the epidemic.


1. To facilitate the arrival of foreign high-end talents to China

What is said: 

The process of recruiting for major projects will adopt a commitment system, face to face approval and green channel to come to China

Major projects: projects related to the national economy and people's livelihood, as well as high-end experts and special talents who come to China to carry out international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control

Tianjinlink opinion: 

That measure applies to a very limited and specific class of experts, granting them a green channel to come to China to pursue very specific projects. This measure is consistent with the announcement of temporarily suspending the validity of resident permit and visa issued after 28/03/2020 while allowing the bearer of a post-28/03 issued certificate to come in China.

2. To expand the scope of domestic applications

What is said

Foreigners already in China and bearing work, business, and visit visas, if they meet the conditions for applying for a foreigner's work permit in China can apply for a foreigner's work permit directly in China.

Tianjinlink opinion:

While resident permit (for study, family, or work) holders were already able to apply for a resident permit directly in Tianjin (without having to go back home and apply for a Z visa) and with the approval of the EEA. 

The new measure extends the scope to business visa holder and to "visit/访问" visa holder. 

While experience proof that they could be accepted, visit visas is a vague term and it is not clearly stated that it includes: stay permits, humanitarian visas, and people under the 60 days extension.

Always call the EEA before planning.

3. To increase tolerance on application materials

What is said

Tolerance is applied to work permits applicants unable to provide legalized highest degree or legalized non-criminal records because of Chinese embassy closure abroad.

If the medical examination materials cannot be provided due to “inspection and quarantine institution”, the proof of having an appointment with the “inspection and quarantine institution”, is acceptable.

In both cases the duration of the work permit won't exceed 6 months.

Our opinion:

It is mentioned in the text that these special conditions will apply in case of failure of the Chinese embassy in your home country to provide legalization. 

FEB did confirm with us by phone that each embassy real situation will be checked and the tolerance will apply only if the legalisation service of the Chinese embassy of the applicant home country is indeed closed.

The final decision and acceptance will be done according to individual cases.

We advise future work permit applicants to prepare in advance their diploma certification using the Chinese Certification system and try their best to provide a non-criminal record from their embassy in China or relevant authorities.

How to legalize your diploma in China complete guide.

It is advised to get an appointment for a health check as soon as possible.

Remind that the documents will have to be submitted sooner or later when the situation will go back to normal.

4. To extend licenses validity

What is said: 

For industries where license shall be extended and examined by the competent department. If during the epidemic the competent authority can't handle the extension of the document. The validity of the work permit can exceed the validity of the license. Extended and valid license shall be provided within 6 months.

Our opinion:

That concerns the rare cases where the business license or other necessary licenses or special authorization haven't been extended because of the epidemic. 

Please remind that you will have to extend licenses in a delay of 6 months after extending the work permit


We would like to remind all future applicants, that the text is from the “Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Bureau” and wasn’t published on the “Service system for foreigners working in China” and is aimed at “experts” as per their exact wording. 

These measures are to facilitate the application for a work permit for experts and are based on a case per case approval according to the individual situation. 

These are temporary measures and the situation will have to be regulated when the situation goes back to normal.

Experience shows that some of these measures could be applied to professionals and other foreign workers but are not for granted.

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