[Help] Apply for social security account and card now!



While it is mandatory for work units to enroll all their employee into the Tianjin Social Security System and pay for contributions, each employee has to apply for their social security card and account by themselves

The social security card is a bank card, with all bank card normal functions but on top allow individuals to: 

Pay part/all of their medical bills using their social security account. 

Get monthly medical insurance financial benefits. 

Get back their retirement personal contribution when leaving China.

[Help] How to apply for a social security retirement fund refund

Check online their retirement fund and your payment status and your situation.

Enjoy preferential prices for transportation and cultural events (to come soon…)

What do you need?

Your social security number (ask your employer), under the form: country code + 0 + passport number. 

Your social security name, as in the system (ask your employer).

A Chinese phone number not linked to another social security account.

A bank that will accept your card application (ask any bank near of your home, 外国人可以办理社保卡吗)

BOC, ABC, ABC Tianjin, ICBC, CCB, Tianjin Bank are the only bank who can process applications


First step:

Register an social security account here:


Second step:

Login here:


Using the previous phone number and password.

Third step:

Apply for the card:

Go to 社保卡业务

Go to 社保卡申领

All fields shall be pre-filled, 

Enter your phone number in 


Choose a bank in 服务银行

Upload a picture with the blue button

Press the green button


Last step:

Go to the bank to get your new card




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Great article
It worked well for me following this procedure. I would totally recommend it to all foreigners !
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