Important! Work Permit Management System Upgrade 04/10/2019


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On 02/10/2019 in order to increase safety, SAFEA has implemented double factor authentification on their platform: 

In order to login you will have to provide your previous login/password and a new additional “verification by SMS code” sent to the mobile phone to who is registered as operator for your company.

While it is a great safety measure for most users, it could make things more complicated in certain cases:

-  The registered operator, human resource people has left the company.

-  The company did outsource in the past their work permit services to third companies.

-  Multiple people working together on the same work permit application, cancellation, modification…

We advise all the readers that use Safea platform and are not outsourcing their SAFEA services to check if they still have access to the phone number registered in their SAFEA system, and if not to add or change for a new operator in order to avoid any delay, in their work permit application, renewal and amendment process

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This article has been sponsored and written by Tianjin Link. With more than 10 years of experience, Tianjin Link is a Sino-French consultancy join venture leader in providing business solutions for foreign enterprises.



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