[Notice] New Work Permit for Foreigners Platform User Guide



Starting 11/01/2021 units can't access login from https://fwp.safea.gov.cn/ to apply for the work permit, work permit cancellation, work permit extension, and any other "Foreigners Coming to Work in China" matters.

Instead, units will have to login here: 


We recommend all units hiring foreigners to upgrade their login information now, in order not to lose time when applying for urgent matters. 

The new login process may request to upload information and stamped documents, procedures who could post-pone future application.

Process Part 1

You may need:

Legal representative passport, Chinese ID card, or other ID color scan.

Business license color scan.

Company operator passport or Chinese ID card or other ID color scan.


First access: 



After clicking on 马上登录 a pop-up will welcome you.

Choose the blue 马上登录

You will be sent to a new login page

Choose your type of unit

You could be in any of these situations:

自然人登录: Your unit was registered at the time old work permit (booklet type, 居留证), your previous login was in the form of 8 digits.

法人登录: If your unit has been registered after the unified work permit system your login is 18 characters long (number and letter mixed)


According to your situation use your old login and old password in the right type


If you can't log in try to add WP_ before your login name.


If you login into the wrong category the system will tell you to choose the right category, so you can make some tests.


Be advised that after 6 failed tries, you will get blocked for 30 minutes for safety reason


If you forget your password you can find it in your browser history and if not you will have to use the 找回密码 option.

Upgrade 法人登录 unit

After successful login follow these instructions

In case your company information and legal representative information are not up-to-date you will receive this pop-up.

In case your company application agent information is not up to date you will receive this pop-up.

According to your situation you may want to:

Update 法人单位基本信息 information about the company and the company legal representative. 

Click here:

Complete all fields, all * are mandatory. 

In case of success you will receive that message

In case of failure please upload additional documents here:

Business license and legal representative ID color scan.

Update 主代办人信息

information about the company application agent, All * are mandatory.

Foreigners will have to submit a scan of their passport, while Chinese citizen can make online verification.

Upload the required documents and wait for the approval.

After approval you can login normally to the website: https://fuwu.most.gov.cn/lhgzweb/

Upgrade 自然人用户信息 unit

First upgrade your personnal informations with 

Then update relevant materials with

Finally upgrade you company informations here: 法人(单位)授权办理情况

After approval you can login normally to the website: https://fuwu.most.gov.cn/lhgzweb/

Do you have any questions or comments? Please provide your feedback with the form under. Or contact the us at the end of the article.




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