[Guide] Register the etax portal and get your taxes certificate


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Who should do it?

1. You need to get taxes statement or taxes payment certificate for your home country.

2.  You have a work permit with point on salary, or a B or A work permit for with minimum salary threshold and will have to provide tax certificate for your work permit renewal.

3. You employer do not withhold some or all of your taxes, or you would to report other revenues, or deductions.

4.   You want to send money abroad and the bank is asking for taxes reports.

5.Your employer is not communicating efficiently with you about your taxes.

6.You do not have an employer but have revenues out of China and are a Chinese taxes resident.

7.Any other reason to want to access your taxes history.

What to prepare?

1. Your passport.

2. Your employer tax bureau address.

3. A working Chinese phone number that was never used to register for taxes online portal.

4. The real Chinese full name of your country (see above)


Write the name of your country preceded with 全名 to get it in baidu.com.

EN :英国: 大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国

USA :美国: 美国全称是美利坚合众国

DE :德国: 德意志联邦共和国

IT :意大利: 意大利共和国

FR :法国: 法兰西共和国

Next Steps

First step will be to go at the tax bureau where your employer company is registered and ask for: 


电子税务局注册码 diàn zǐ shuì wù jú zhù cè mǎ , 

or just the shorter version 注册码 zhù cè mǎ

Please note that it is valid for only 7 days.

After getting the paper with the code go to:


and follow the steps:

Congratulations you can login on the main page

In order to get your taxes report choose:



Enter the date of begin and end, click on next, wait and download.

The pdf files are protected with a password: last 8 characters of your passport in CAPS.

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