Social security increase in Tianjin


In short

The notice: 津人社局发〔2021〕24号 has been published on the taxation portal and introduce some important changes into the social security system. 


For companies the major points to notice are:


1: Increase of the minimum payment base from 3364 to 3930 RMB per month


2: Increase of the maximum payment base from 18969  to 20 331 RMB per month


3: Company shall ensure a reserve of 29 792 yuan in case of bankruptcy and cessation of activity to provide for pregnant employees


Please refers to the full version, for details concerning disabled soldier or making up for unpaid retirement insurance (copy paste the link to read out of wechat)



Social security enrollment is not a choice it is a mandatory requirement for any units (including foreign companies) (including hiring foreigners)

The Author

Peter Dijkstra

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With more than 10 years of experience, Tianjin Link is a Sino-French consultancy join venture leader in providing business solutions for foreign enterprises in Tianjin.

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