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finally in Tianjin!

Inspiring, Educating, and Connecting Entrepreneurs

What is Startup Grind andwhy you should care

As at 2019, Startup Grind grew to cover 600cities around the world connecting over 3 million members through oneof the most powerful forces in any business and any community: greatpeople and a great idea.

Foundedin 2010, Startup Grind has nurtured Entrepreneurial ecosystems inover 600 cities through events, media, and partnerships withorganizations like Google for Entrepreneurs. The cornerstone of ourglobal community are monthly events featuring successful localfounders, innovators, educators and investors who share lessonslearned on the road to building great companies. From the SiliconValley, we have an extensive presence major cities in China.

Startup Grind’s Best idea is our system of values

Theauthenticity of our commitment is in our values. Synergy thrives whencommunity members are genuinely interested in supporting each other.

• We believe in making friends,not contacts.
• Webelieve in giving, not taking.
•We believe in helping others before helping yourself.

Whyyou should be part of Startup Grind?

Beingplugged into a community of over 3 Million Entrepreneurs, Investors,Angels, other Resources and Founder Support services is no brainer.

So whether you are an entrepreneur, technologist, investor, orstudent, connecting unique communities like Silicon Valley to yourEcosystem in Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen etc is a uniqueopportunity.

Who Can Join Startup Grind?

We pride ourselves in delivering on the principles of diversity. Theecosystem is strong when everyone irrespective of their orientationcan freely get involved. We welcome

-Entrepreneurs( Serial Entrepreneurs and new founders)


-ServiceProviders (Business Services, Co-working spaces, Accelerators)

-Investors(VCs, Angels)


How To be Part of Us

Membership– There is no special requirement, everyone is welcome to attendevents and access the resources available

Volunteering– You can go extra mile to help by volunteering to be part of theprocess.

Speakers -Have a compelling growth story to tell or a special skill? Lets getit out there

Sponsors andPartners – Want to help us reach everyone? Get in touch

Mentors -Have what it takes to help the upcoming founders? We need you

Join our Event!

29th OCT

19:00-20:30 (China Time)

Learn How to leverage the Ecosystem for a successful Startup.

Our Speakers:





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