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Social security exemptions will be offered to small, medium and big companies from February 2020 till June 2020. The exemptions are automatic and concern only a part of the employer payment.

These exemptions make the social security burden down of 21.9% – from 27.4% to 5.5% of the salaries – for 5 months, (1+ full month of salary economy)

The personal part still needs to be paid fully.

These exemptions are automatic, companies do not need to apply for them.


1. Enterprises are exempt from paying 3 kinds of social insurances


Pension, Unemployment, and Work injury insurances will be halved from February to June (5 months) for micro, small and mediums enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households.


Pension, Unemployment, and Work injury insurances will be halved February to April (3 months) for large companies.


Pension, unemployment and work injury are halved only for the employer part, the personal part is still to be paid



2. 50% reduction on social security medical insurance


From February to June 2020 (5 months), a 50% reduction on the employer part of the medical insurance will be applied.


3. Refund for early payment


Full payment of February social security will be refounded in March automatically


4. Refund of last year unemployment security


Companies that did pay 2019 employment security in full can apply for a refund.


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6. Quick calculations 

After regulations, the total of the 5 social securities will be only 5.5% for the employer parts.

While the personal part remains unchanged at 10.5%

For a cumulated (personal + employer ) of 16%

Minimum social security contribution (minimum salary base of 3364) = 538.24

Maximum social security contribution (maximum salary base 17613) = 2818.08



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