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Please read and understand community rules that apply to all groups

In order to offer the best experience to our 3000+ group users, ensure a good and safe experience to everybody all our groups are following these rules: 


Introduce yourself in a few words, (where you are from, what are you doing in Tianjin etc etc)  (especially if you have a wechat account with no moments and no profile picture...)


2 Never discuss:

1.  Politically sensitive content

2.  Rumors

3. Internal memos [from the Chinese Communist Party and government units]

4. Content that is vulgar, pornographic, violent or shows drug-related criminal acts

5. News from Hong Kong and Macau that has not been reported by official media outlets

6.  Military data

7.  State secrets

8. Videos from anonymous sources that insult or destroy police’s reputation or appear to be fabricated

9. Other illegal information that violates laws or regulations

10. VPN issues


Read the rules, the "group notice"

 After joining each group please read the group notice, it contains specific rules to that group! Read it please!

-if you are not sure about what to/not to post, simply ask Mike.

-do not share qrcodes, coupons, articles in Chinese, miniapp, clickbait articles, irrelevant content to the group topic...


Never stalk

Do not add people from the group without their public approval first


Groups are moderated without prior notice.

get removed from one = removed from all


In order to keep groups active, some groups will require to change your group alias:

-in the group click on the right top '...'

-scroll down to "My alias in group"

-enter your alias and submit




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