How to get a non-vaccination certificate




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Who should I apply for the 

non-vaccination certificate?



People who have had allergies when vaccinated with similar vaccines


Those who have had severe allergic reactions in the past (such as angioedema, dyspnea, etc.);


Those who have had a history of seizures and other serious neurological diseases in the past 3 years (such as transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, demyelinating diseases, etc.);

How to get the certificate

In order to get the non-vaccination certificate you will need to undergo clinical tests to prove you have an allergy or a related chronic disease. You can go to do the test to Tianjin First central Hospital (location below)

First Central Hospital

Only then you should submit the results to the vaccination center (location below). Finally, the vaccination center will issue to you a certificate showing that you cannot get the vaccine against Covid19.

Vaccination Center

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How to get the Covid19 Vaccine

You are still confused about where to start to get the vaccine? 

Then this guide is exaclty what you need!

I made this step by step guide so that by the time you are at the hospital you will be already an expert!

Vaccine ultimate guide

read the article

to sum it up...

The non-vaccine certificate will be issued only to those who test positive to allergies and medical tests.



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