How to get the vaccination golden shield


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Are you asking yourself when you will be finally having your golden shield showing that you have been successfully vaccinated?

In this article, I explain to you how to finally get it!

How to get the certificate

The green code + the golden shield symbolize that you have been vaccinated and you can travel across Tianjin with no coronavirus-related restriction.

Once you get the second shot you just need to wait 72 hours and the shield will then appear on your Health Code on AliPay and WeChat.

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I cannot see my golden shield!

You got vaccinated but the golden shield is appearing neither on WeChat Helthcode nor on the Alipay one? Here is what to do.

This problem is mostly due to to some spelling mistakes when entering the data on the system. All you have to do is to go to the Vaccination Center where you got the vaccine and ask to update your information in the system. The golden shield should appear after 72h.

to sum it up...

Before getting the vaccine make sure that all the information registered in the system are correct. Then after you get the second shot, wait for 72h and see if the Golden Shield appears on the Health QR-Code.




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Hello all, if you have been fully vaccinnated (2 shots) then your health code should update to show a little golden shield in the upper left corner along with the standard green QR to identify that you have been vaccinated (golden shield) and that you are safe (green QR code)

However, for me and perhaps others, you do not see the golden shield.

You will need to use this app and fill in your details.

(although my vaccination pink card had the school address, I used my real address for the app and it worked fine)

I'm just sending this as I was in a place where they refused entry without the golden shield and I figured that its useful to have.

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