How to get the vaccine: ultimate guide


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You are still confused about where to start to get the vaccine? 

Then this guide is exactly what you need!

I made this step by step guide so that by the time you are at the hospital you will be already an expert!


the process is easy, the nurses have been very patient but watch out for spelling mistakes on the documents.

Get ready

Getting the vaccine is a tough decision but doing it in China without the assistance of your company or a Chinese friend might be more challenging. That is why it is so important to be well prepared and informed.

What do you need to prepare?




Social security card (optional)


Patience and about 1 hrs of free time


Personal information paper - (the hospital will provide it but you can check the filling instructions in advance by scanning the QR-Code here below)

Check out the filling instruction

At the Hospital

This guide applies only to the location listed below. Other hospitals might have different rules and might require an appointment. Be sure to inform yourself beforehand if you choose to get vaccinated in a different place.


First things first! before setting a foot in the hospital you must scan this QR and show it at the entrance. In case it is you first time we have included a on how to fill all the information.

1. Fill your phone number and get the SMS code. Thik to agree to the conditions.

2. Fill in your personal information (SELECT passport -护照)

3. Fill in the information about your health condition. If you have never been in high risk area or have experienced Covid19 symptoms then just thik ‘否’ everywhere and move on.

4. There you go! Now show the QR Code to the personel at the hospital.


Good to know!

No appointment needed


Get at the hospital at 14:00 and line up at the front desk to get your number (挂号 guàhào)


Present your passport at the front desk and tell the nurse that you need to register get the vaccine (我需要打疫苗挂号-wo xu yao da yi miao gua hao ). Then pay 1 RMB for the registration number. (This step is not needed if you have the social security card).


Wait about 10 min and then go back to the same front office to pay the vaccine fee: 98 RMB or free if you have your social security card.

**In case you have your social security card you don't need to wait.


Go to the 6th floor and fill up the form the nurse will give you. You can use the one you have downloaded from this article as a mock.


Line up to register your information and get the pink vaccination paper. 


Good to know!

Double check the info on the pink paper before going to next step!


Go to the vaccination room to finally get your vaccine


Go to the waiting room. You will have to hand out the pink paper at the entrance. After waiting 30min the nurse will call you to collect your pink paper and finally go home. 


Good to know!

After 28 days you will get an SMS to get the second shot!

Join WeChat group chats now!


I was very happy. Great care, no queue and if you have any question just ask the nurses they will always help. 






Community Assistant


Can I drink alcohol after the vaccine?

You should not drink alcohol for at least 48h after getting the vaccine


What if I am allergic to the vaccine antibody?

If so you should go Tianjin First Hospital and have an allergy test. After doing so they will provide you with a certificate (新冠疫苗接种禁忌证明) explaining why you cannot get the vaccine.



Can I do the vaccine anywhere in Tianjin?

At the moment there is no rule about where and when you should do the vaccine. However note that some hospitals might require you to make an appointment so if you are not going to this location please inform yourself beforehand about the right procedure.


Non Vaccination Certificate

You cannot get the vaccine because of health reasons?

Check the next article to find out how to

get your non-vaccine certificate

read the article

to sum it up...

Before getting the vaccine make sure that you know all the steps. Don'tforget your passport and double check if the center you are going to will require an appointment!




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