How to pay your winter heating bill with Alipay


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By following this quick guide, you can familiarize yourself with Alipay's services available to foreigners living in China. 

This will work from the Alipay APP. If you get stuck in the process, you may want to reach out to your agent or landlord for help. 

How to open an Alipay account complete guide

Step 1

Open Alipay

Step 2

Copy / paste: 暖气费

This will bring you to your utilities section

Select the first option

Step 3

Select the utilities company 

you need to pay, it is written on your heating card

Step 4

Input the card number written on your heating card into the 帐号 section

Accept the conditions and click on next

Step 5

Pay ... or ask a friend to do it for you with the second option



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