How to pay your winter heating bill with Alipay


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How to pay for heating 


● Did you know?

You can ask to be disconnected from the general heating (if your apartment is too hot, or if you are not eager to use public heating) 

Disconnecting and reconnecting can only be done spring and summer and come with a fee around 800-1000 yuan

Do not forget to reconnect if you have disconnected when you leave your apartment

● Before you start...

Before starting make sure you have with you the heating card with your account information.

Not every building allows Alipay payments for the heating system. You might want to double-check with your landlord before starting the process.

In case Alipay won’t work for you ask your landlord or management the address of your heating service point

1● Open Alipay

Nope, you don't need a special app to pay for your heating. Everything can be done on Alipay. 

Open the app center 'my apps' and search for 'utilities'

2● Find the right programm

Yes, besides heating you can use this function to pay also for electricity and other bills. However, you have to double-check with your landlord that it is actually possible. Every building has its own system.

3● Find the right provider

Now, you have to select the right service provider. In Tianjin there are many so if you can read Chinese characters you will find the right one looking at your heating card. In case you cannot find the right one, send a screenshot to your landlord. He will point you to the right company.

4● Fill in the info and pay

Take your heating card and fill in the info on the app accordingly. After that click next and pay.

● The earlier you pay the cheaper it is!

Tipp: Paying the heating bills in summer?!

It might sound crazy but it is actually cheaper if you pay your heating bills months before.


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