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Rent & Ride E-bikes! Tips and tricks on how get cruising around town on an electric bike!

How To Rent Alipay E-Bikes

This article was published on 05/03/2019: Rules and regulations may have changed since publication. Check on this page for the latest version. We encourage and appreciate your feedback. If there is something that seems innacurate, please comment below. Thank you for helping us improve. 

Alipay's Hellobike is available for foreigners living in China to register and use with the AliPay platform. 

First step is to open an Alipay account and register with your phone and passport ID:

Click here for the Complete Alipay registration and payment guide


The Steps:

  • Open Alipay and access HelloBike 

  • Go through Agreement/ Terms of Service

  • Verify Phone number / SMS

  • Pre Load Alipay for payment

  • Unlock bike and go!

Visual walkthrough: 

Home Screen

Go To ShareBike

Alipay transport

location allow

Live Map of bikes


phonenumber SMS

Service agree

Pre Pay for bike


Confirm and go!

HelloBike Tip:


You can temporarily lock the bike for 2 hours. Just don't accidentally lock the bike wherever, if it's outside of a designated parking zone you'll get charged relative the distance from the nearest designated zone.

That caught me out a few times, as I mashed the screen impatiently waiting for the app to load. It'll set you back a good 15-25 元 depending.

-Courtesy of Adam Midgley

Some riding tips for e-bikes in China:

China traffic 

If you're new to China traffic, just know that there is a method to the madness. I tell people traffic is hyper-aggressive but predictable. Drivers and bikers are paying close attention, and everyone knows this on the road... so everyone pushes that assumption to the boundaries, leaving little margin for error. 

Stay alert, don't panic. 

Go with the flow

A general understanding in China is that the priority goes to the moving object that is larger. If you are walking, watch for bikes. If you are biking, watch for the e-bikes, if you are e-biking, watch for motorcycles, carts, cars and so on. However, say there is a group of 20 cyclists crossing in front of a bus, the cyclists will be large enough to take the priority - let the locals take the lead during these types of menuevers, hop in the middle of the moving crowd.

Note that "going with the flow" does not mean trying to match that overloaded water delivery motorbike as he rides through a red light. Or rushing to the intersection to get through during the yellow signal of  '3-2-1'. 

Go with the flow. Don't go against the current. Look for the calm flowing waters and smoothly get to where you're going.


Having to go around a walkway blocked by a mountain of bikes is frustrating. The new e-bikes are meant to be parked in designated areas that are shown in the APP. 

For more about HelloBike, check out their website by extracting QR code here:

Tip* The website is in Chinese - You can use Chrome as your browser, right click, and select "Translate to English" 

We hope to see you (safely) zipping around the Tianjin streets soon!

Article by Andy Lewis


Riding an Alipay bike

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Can foreigners use it?
So I've tried to use it and failed.. Is it true you need a chinese id card to use the electric bikes?
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