Tianjin health-check for residency, updated V2 procedure.


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How to get an appointment for Health check in Tianjin

Note: Tianjin International Travel health care center is implementing on-line booking only and won't serve walk-in guests anymore

If you already have an appointment please just go here:



scan the qrcode on wechat to pre-register


In your app store copy paste: 蓝卡网 and download the mini app

Use your phone number and receive a new sms code to login


Click on the “天津海关体检预约服务”blue banner and choose “预约” blue button

Use the green button to check your booking history


Complete information and accept the terms of utilization.

You agree to have a green QRcode (or a negative Covid-19 test)

You agree that you will have to pay on Alipay

You agree to respect epidemic control measures in the premise


Complete health status questionary questions,press 下一步, choose your appointment details


Keep your booking information safe and go to your appointment.


Price is 498

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