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Arts & Cutlure

The Revival of Art & Culture in Tianjin


 Aaron Eagles 

Recently I had the honor to take part in an inaugural event, that will set in motion the continued revival of Art and Culture in Tianjin. The event, just like the many concessions in the heritage areas of Tianjin, was a mix of different nations, and the guests in attendance were from all over the globe. The exhibition curated by Vivian Zhang will be on display from 3.29-5.29 and is a brilliant show. The exhibition features 4 amazing artists from different parts of the world, who have different walks of life, and display their different artistic talents with a variation of techniques in each piece. And like the amazing masterpieces that each artist created, this event came together perfectly as well.  

The art show features warm aesthetics, infused with a mild femininity, and features Chinese ink wash paintings, oil paintings, watercolors, acrylic paintings, and other art forms which display the integration of Chinese and Western art perspectives. 

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Academy of Space Aesthetics

Arts & Cutlure

The Event

The Exhibitions Opening Ceremony took place at the newly opened “Academy of Space Aesthetics,” and was an absolutely awesome event. The venue location is in the Heping District just across the street from the Tianjin World Financial Center, and is sure to be a hub for art, culture, exchange, ideas, and creativity in Tianjin for years to come. This opening ceremony for the exhibition was truly a VIP affair, and some of the best artist, critics, social media influencers, designers, and elite of Tianjin and Beijing, as well as from all over China and the world were in attendance. The venue is classy, contemporary, and is decorated immaculately to perfectly complement the feeling that this show communicates in honor of Women’s Day. In addition to the art hung on the walls, floral arrangements were designed specifically to compliment the works of art on the wall and give viewers a surreal feeling of being one with the art and the venue. Additionally, to further captivate the senses, the venue partnered with a fragrance brand which infused fragrances to match the mood of different areas of the exhibition. 

The luxury brand, Zenphil designed different aromas to accompany the works of art and illuminate the senses with its one-of-a-kind fragrances

Academy of Space Aesthetics

Arts & Cutlure

The Artists

The 4 artists: 

Annie Pelletier, Madeline Churchill, Zhuang Xueyang, and Yang Kui; together created over 40 pieces that are on display and express the identity of women in their individual interpretations, and display art from the unique female perspective.

Academy of Space Aesthetics

Annie Pelletier

Annie Pelletier was born in Canada and currently lives in China. She completed her first oil painting at the age of 12, which instilled a lifetime of passion for art and painting. Annie has lived in and traveled to numerous countries, and the places she’s been to have also inspired her artwork, as well as enhanced her fascination with color, music, and movement. All of these factors have influenced her unique style, as she continues to create contemporary pieces that will carry viewers away into a vibrant and whimsical world, as she captures the surreal melody of each brushstroke on the canvas.

Madeline Churchill

Madeline Churchill is an Artist and Teacher from the UK, who has been based in Tianjin since 2014. Following her studies at Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Art, she was an Artist-in-Residence at the Beijing Red Gate Gallery, a placement which introduced her to the principles of Chinese painting. Her works combine a western approach of mixed painting techniques, with the eastern practice of ink and calligraphy. Madeline draws on a range of imagery both found and imagined, to create her artworks, and it is this synthesis of influences, from travel and nature which brings a unique aesthetic to her work.


Zhuang Xueyang

Artist Zhuang Xueyang (also known as Zhuang Wenqi) was born in Chaozhou, Guangdong, is the first graduate of the Oriental Art Department of Nankai University, Masters of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. She has a long list of accolades and is also currently a member of the Chinese Artists Association. She studied under some of the most famous Chinese painting and theoretical masters, such as: Fan Zeng, Du Ziling, He Yanzhe, and Huo Chunyang.  Her painting style is fresh and elegant, hazy and detached, and have been collected by many institutions and private collectors. She was also selected as the Global Trend Outstanding Artist of the year in 2017. 

Yang Kui

Born in Tianjin, Yang Kui, graduated from The Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and has a Master’s degree in Chinese painting. She, like her counterparts, have a long list of laurels, and she is a member of many prominent organizations. She says that the inspiration for this series of works comes from many different perceptions and expressions; and capture the spirit of nature in landscapes (trees, flowers, stones, smoke, fog, rain, etc.)  In this series, the fusion, collision, superimposition, and accumulation of the ink and other materials have formed infinite possibilities in movement, which provides a glimpse at the tangible and intangible, and captures similarities and differences in both the reality and illusion of the ink’s rhythm.

Xiao Pei, Xiao Pei

Last but not least, is floral artist Xiao Pei Xiao Pei, who brought the art and venue together with her amazing floral arrangements, which give us the feeling of being one with the exhibition. Xiao Pei Xiao Pei is now a senior flower arrangement teacher and has studied both Chinese and Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement. Recently, she is mainly dedicated to the study and promotion of the Chinese flower arrangement culture. In 2018, she was recognized by domestic and foreign statesmen, and was specifically invited to participate in the World Economic Forum, to perform and demonstrate the Art of Chinese flower arrangement.

This was just the first of many Art Exhibitions and Events that will be in this new venue. And the feeling at the event was like the lighting of the flame of inspiration, support, and community that Tianjin is in desperate need of in order to continue to light the way for the second Renaissance of Art and Culture in our historic city.




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