Astor Hotel: A jewel of History in the city center

Photos and history of the only hotel on China's National Cultural Relics Protection Unit. 

Tianjin Lishunde Hotel
Founded in 1863, the Tianjin Lishunde Hotel
has a history of 156 years. It is the first hotel museum in the country and stands by itself on the national cultural relics protection unit in the country's hotel industry. The wooden corridor, carved arch Window and garden atrium all reflect the British architectural style.

At the end of the Second Opium War in 1860, the
English and French had the Qing government sign the "Beijing Treaty" with Tianjin to be used as a commercial open port, thus divided the nine-country concession area.

In 1886,    Detring (Gust av von Detring)     converted the site to an English Romantic style of classical Lu Ming-style three-story building.

In 1924,    Hai Weilin (WilliamO'Hara) presided over the building of four additions.

The property was Renovated in 2010 by New York designer Alexandra Champalimaud, the historic and modern wing of the hotel was integrated into the hotel's existing traditional elements with the contemporary luxury of world-class hotels. The renovation made it more attractive and romantic.

Installation of the first generation of Otis (OTIS) elevators   
installed in 1924 as   
one of the shareholders of He Weilin   
at the Astor Hotel.

24-year-old Hoover (Herbert Clark Hoover) was           
Merlin's favorite Astor hotel manager.          
Young Herbert was transferred from his coal mining company technician Management position to  manage the site in Tianjin.           
Hearing the news of his advancement, Hoover hurriedly proposed to his College classmate and   held a wedding.       The recently wed moved to Tianjin, China and became The First-Ever Hoover couple lived in Lishunde. 

In 1900, the Eight-Power Allied Forces began attacking the Tianjin British Army. The Kaiping Mining Bureau supervised Zhang Yi to arrest Hoover and De Qilin to conspirate Zhang Yi to exchange the freedom of the Kaiping Mining Bureau in exchange for his freedom. Hoover has Human joined in the South Africa's Mutual Gold Mine exports Chinese workers to help the UK set up Kailuan Coal Mine in Tianjin, etc. 

In 1913,     Hoover's China Gold Rushing Action was successfully completed. Rong returned to his hometown.   On November 6, 1928,     Hoover was elected as the 31st President of the United States.

Sun Yat-sen was forced to resign from the post of president in 1912, he was invited by Yuan Shikai to attend a meeting. On the afternoon of August 23, Sun Yat-sen arrived at the Lishunde Hotel and went to Beijing to meet. September 22, Sun Yat-sen returned to Tianjin from his visitation of Baoding. He stayed at the Lishunde Hotel for two days. In that time, many plans about the national economy and the people's livelihood were drawn up and the subsequent "second revolution" To Yuan Shikai was brewed.

On December 4, 1924,  he arrived in Tianjin and lived in Zhangyuan. Mr. Sun secretly transferred to the Lishunde Hotel for the remaining three months of his life, thus leaving a footprint in the history of Tianjin.

From 1916 to 1960,     
Mr. Mei Lanfang came to     
Lishunde Hotel almost every year in Tianjin.

In 1957,   
Premier Zhou Enlai hosted a banquet for the visiting Polish Prime Minister.

The William O'Hara bar is full of English retro style   
accompanied by soothing music. Watching the bartender's skillful approach makes waiting to be a kind of enjoyment every time, as if from the Republic of China. The singer became the focus of the audience

Location of Lishunde Hotel

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Translated and republished by Andy Lewis for Tianjin.GoExpats




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