China is Wining the Fight


“China is Wining the Fight”

A text from our expats community member: Pewee Datoo Kolubah


By mustering the courage, upholding their dignity, and protecting their sovereignty, they have taught the world a lesson to be learnt now and in the future. 


A lesson that identifies pillars of commitment, humility, togetherness, innovations, and creativities built in every corner of the nation. Pillars demonstrating their patterns for unilateralism and a community of shared future.


Not defeating with, guns, knives, saws, spears, or arrows but with intellectual

minds, tenacity of innovations, commitment, and bravery. The Chinese people have overcome a virus that seemed unbeatable at first.


For weeks, the streets were quiet. Streets that seem so busy in normal times, and streets with sounds of unity and spirits of forwardness. Except the health sector, every sector was brought to a standstill. People were crying. Families, friends and love ones were completely separated. 


Annual celebrations were not enjoyed as usual. Cities were lockdown. Sounds of ambulances were heard signaling the start of a battle that will not last long because of the brave men and women who have prepared to fight with their last breath.


However, the leaders were focused and equipped with great vision. Hospitals were built in days. 


Forces from every corner of this great land were galvanized to go onto the battle field. Their bravery, speed, and tactics marveled me greatly not because of the great progress they have made in the development of their country or the huge number of scientific researches taking place, but it was because they knew they were starting a war that have been declared on them by an enemy of an unknown origin, a killer that has no border, a monster that does not discriminate and a demon that creates fear amongst its opponents.


For hours, days, and weeks, our heroes and heroines have fought with sincerity, bravery, and patterns. With mask on their faces and body cover with personal protective gears, they fought the deadly enemy. Their love for country and society serves as motivation to be persistent and resilient to attack from every angle and every avenue that seems exposable. With hard work, spirit of togetherness, and hours of sleepless night, they are defeating an invisible enemy that seems unbeatable at first, but at last, the sun is up again, the streets are busy, the people are happy, and the nation is winning.


They have learned from this battle, it has prepared them for the future, and they will forever remain grateful to the brave men and women on the front line.


Remain focused China for the future is bright and your hard work will surely pay


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Pewee Datoo Kolubah


International Student at Tianjin University

School of Chemical Engineering and Technology



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the hard won victory
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Ce sont les efforts par les personnels sur la santé qui permet les scientifiques de gagner du temps et je suis émue pour les blouses blanche
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China is my second home and i also want write something about china though i don't much about it but am gonna make a research on it..
@Chang'an university
engineering student
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We couldn’t change the title after sent by wechat due to recent policy. Thank you for telling us
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Spell checker is a wonderful tool...
Article title
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