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D-MART Aocheng Store first opened in June 2012 . D-MART is specializing in imported groceries .
D-MART is locted at Aocheng with two levels which near Tianjin Olympic Sports Center Stadium and Tianjin Water Park.



D-MART International Grocery Stores offer thousands of goods from over 80 countries.

Foreign and local specialists on our staff carefully select items like foods and beverages, wines and spirits, cooking ingredients, and everyday goods for direct import into China. These items are all well-known brand names in their country of origin. Our philosophy is to offer our customers reputable goods that they would typically find in their home countries, and this insistence on quality is what has earned us the long-standing trust of our customers.


D-MART International Grocery Stores were established in 2012. Here at D-MART, we believe in “Providing authentic foreign flavors and quality foreign products directly to our customers.” In addition to our online portal at www.mydmart.com, D-Mart stores are located in Beijing and Tianjin. Moreover, D-Mart International has representatives in countries like the UK, Spain, and Australia, and we have plans to establish branches in the Free Trade Zones in Tianjin and Fujian.


In addition to our growing number of individual customers, D-Mart International Grocery Stores serve corporate customers as well. We supply ingredients and goods to restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and bakeries, and we also serve local companies, banks, national agencies, and business associations.


D-Mart International Grocery Stores also work with a number of international schools, international organizations, foreign companies, restaurant associations, and fine dining establishments to sponsor annual charity events to benefit the local community.  




Membership Card:
When you spend ¥1 in D-Mart, your VIP card will record 1 point in your account.You can exchange your points into gifts or vouchers once a year. (We will notify you by e-mail or text via mobile in advance.)

We continually strive to provide you with the most value and believe we offer the most competitive pricing for the import grocery market in Tianjin. Come and see for yourself!

Product Highlights:
-We have freshly baked bread, daily!
-We have a cheese counter which hosts all the finest cheeses from around the world!
-We also have pre-sliced and shredded cheese in our refrigerator for your convenience!
-A wonderful meat counter with a great range of sliced ham and sausages!
-A huge selection of alcohol!

With so many product lines held in stock at aocheng (too many to mention), you really would be wise to pop in and peruse our wares, you will definately find something you have been meaning to buy but perhaps couldn't find locally!

Everything you can see on our website is stocked in-store!

You will find a huge range within each of the following categories, clearly labelled and easily accessible vis our website or in-store.


Delivery is available as is online ordering via our website, www.mydmart.com.

Seasonal festivals are also catered for, from Halloween to Thanksgiving, Christmas and more!


Sponsorships and events:
As a business committed to the prosperity of Tianjin, we delight in taking part in local events!




We also host our own events right outside the store from time to time!




Please follow our wechat to be kept up to date with all things D-MART and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Because we are a store for you, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Tell us what you think! Tell us what you want! You can also find more details on us, as well as links to the local expat community on our special link: www.tianjinexpats.com/d-mart!!!


Ground Floor C7, Ao Cheng (Magnetic Capital) , Nankai District.
南开区,奥城商业广场C7写字楼底商一层 帝玛超市Tel: 022-87190586

Online shop: www.mydmart.com

Wechat account: DMART


Wechat group admin: dora0333

Business Hours:
Sunday to Thursday : 9:00 am - 10:30 pm
Friday and Saturday : 9:00 am - 11:00 pm

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