Wechat groups of interest in Tianjin Updated 11/02/202


Tianjin GoExpats is operating more than 15 chat rooms in order to cover broad topics, please follow these simple steps to join them:

1st Step

- Add our group manager and admin: Mike

2nd Step

- Choose the groups you want to join in the above list, and send the hastag to Mike:

---- General groups ----

#help: Receive and give help and tips.

#lounge Discuss about Events, Places, Lifetsyle in Tianjin (no jobs, no sales, no roomate).

#playground For Families with kids only.

#jobs Only in English, only jobs subject, only in Tianjin.


#ebay Sell second hand items only, Tianjin only, no professional sellers.


#roomate Find a new roomate or swap your flat in Tianjin.


#sports Find sports and game partners in Tianjin.

#whatsup Events, party, going out in Tianjin 

#music About live music in Tianjin

#FUN1 Because life is not only about work and solving problems

#sustainable Because all together we can make a better tomorrow

#barathon Monthly event; we rent a bus and go from bar to bar

#voucher Because cheaper is always better

---- Language groups ----





*send #hashtag one by one, without typo


Please read and understand community rules that apply to all groups

In order to offer the best experience to our 3000+ group users, ensure a good and safe experience to everybody all our groups are following these rules: 


Introduce yourself in a few words, (where you are from, what are you doing in Tianjin etc etc)  (especially if you have a wechat account with no moments and no profile picture...)


2 Never discuss:

1.  Politically sensitive content

2.  Rumors

3. Internal memos [from the Chinese Communist Party and government units]

4. Content that is vulgar, pornographic, violent or shows drug-related criminal acts

5. News from Hong Kong and Macau that has not been reported by official media outlets

6.  Military data

7.  State secrets

8. Videos from anonymous sources that insult or destroy police’s reputation or appear to be fabricated

9. Other illegal information that violates laws or regulations

10. VPN issues


3 Read the rules, the "group notice"

 After joining each group please read the group notice, it contains specific rules to that group! Read it please!

-if you are not sure about what to/not to post, simply ask Mike.

-do not share qrcodes, coupons, articles in Chinese, miniapp, clickbait articles, irrelevant content to the group topic...


4 Never stalk

Do not add people from the group without their public approval first


Groups are moderated without prior notice.

get removed from one = removed from all


In order to keep groups active, some groups will require to change your group alias:

-in the group click on the right top '...'

-scroll down to "My alias in group"

-enter your alias and submit




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