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#create a new group

Start your own group chat and community and join the ecosystem (chess players, birds watching, wood carving ... limit is your imagination) 

Send #create to Mike

#Tianjin What's UP

Party, news, meet friends! What's up in Tianjin is waiting for you!

Send #whatsup.tj to Mike

#Tianjin Pride

Send #pride.tj to Mike

#Filipinos in Tianjin

Welcome to the Filipinos community wechat group in Tianjin

Send #filipino.tj to Mike

#Tianjin Help

All your question about Tianjin, group is welcoming newcomers, people who have question and people willing to share their knowledge.

Not for PR, job, second hand sales, roommate, and appartment discussion.

Send #help.tj to Mike

#Tianjin Startup Grind

Startup Grind is a global startup community organization dedicated to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. We currently connect over 2 million Members and over 600 chapters.

Send #startup.tj to Mike

#Women in Tianjin

A group for women in Tianjin. 

Send #women.tj to Mike

#Wir sprechen deutsch

German people in Tianjin. For German citizen and native or fluent speakers only.

Not a language learning group!

Send #german.tj to Mike

#Yo hablo Español

Spanish people in Tianjin. For Spanish citizen and native or fluent speakers only.

Not a language learning group!

Send #spanish.tj to Mike

#Parliamo Italiano

Italian people in Tianjin. For Italian citizen and native or fluent speakers only.

Not a language learning group!

Send #italian.tj to Mike

#Passion Photo

For all photographers and hobbyist in Tianjin.

Send #photo.tj to Mike

#Board Games

Find board games partners in your  city. Discuss places, games and other board game related topics

Send #board.tj to Mike

#Dungeon and Dragons

Find other dungeon and dragons fans in our city, arrange meeting and events around the topic.

Send #dnd.tj to Mike


Meet other passionate, exchange, discover new spots and techniques in your city.

Send #fishing.tj to Mike

#Wood Carving

Exchange about this very old technique and meet other passionates.

Send #woodcarvers.tj to Mike


Meet other Fashion addicts in your city, exchange, discovers trends and socialize around the fashion topic.

Send #fashion.tj to Mike


Discover Yoga techniques and workshops in your city. Meet others Yoga fans and exchange with the community.

Send #yoga.tj to Mike


Meet other adept of running, arrange get together, discuss spot and trail in your city.

Send #runners.tj to Mike

#Les Francais de Tianjin

Pour tous les Francais et les Francophones de Tianjin

Send #french.tj to Mike

#Paws n Purrs

Pets welfare in Tianjin, help animals in difficulty, shelter discussion, fundraising event. Welcome to all pet lovers!

Send #pnp.tj to Mike

#Tianjin Foodies

Welcome to Tianjin's foodie group. Please share your favorite foods, restaurants, pictures of food, and food memes.

Send #foodies.tj to Mike

#Jian Ai Shelter

The group is dedicated mainly to helping Jian Ai shelter in tanggu. We send donations collective once a month to the sisters, but also share information and help other stray animals in teda area. 

Send #jianai to Mike


Car lovers in Tianjin, driving, license plate, points, traffic regulations

Send #drivers.tj to Mike


Exchange recipe and foodies’ tips and tricks in Tianjin, we have regular contests with prizes to win

Send #recipe.tj to Mike


Discuss events, places, lifestyle anything about Tianjin (except jobs, sales, and roomate informations)

English language only.

Send #lounge1.tj to Mike

or send #lounge2.tj to Mike

Join only one of them thank you!


Only in English, only jobs subject, only in Tianjin.

Read the group notice

Send #job.tj to Mike

#Second Hand Sales

Sell second-hand items only, Tianjin only, no professional sellers.

Send #ebay.tj to Mike


 Find a new roommate or swap your flats in Tianjin.

Send #roommate.tj to Mike


Find sports and game partners in Tianjin.

Send #sports.tj to Mike


About live music in Tianjin, music events and related topics

Send #music.tj to Mike


Because all together we can make a better tomorrow

Send #sustainable.tj to Mike


Because cheaper is always better

Send #vouchers.tj to Mike




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