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"Army Chess" born from war itself!

In the past it was used by the army to simulate a war situation and improve their logical-thinking skills. Now, it is a very common game in Asian countries, a challenge about life and death in a game.

Where does it actually come from?!

This game finds its origin in the late 1811 and was originally invented by Leswitz who called it Kriegspiel (German "war game", also known as war chess). Later then the French improved Leswitz's version of the game around 1908 and later on it became a very popular game also in Asian countries.


"The WIT military game LEGEND is in Tianjin!

If the history of this game intrigued you, you will be more surprised to know that in Tianjin we have one of the best Asian WIT Military chess player! His name is Mr. Wang and for 10 years he has been teaching international students how to play this game. He can already count 1000 international top players who have been learning from him! You could be next!

Learn from the best only!

Mr. Wang is now organizing a new team of passionate. It doesn't matter if you can play already or you are just curious! courses will start from beginner level and in few weeks, you will see great results! What's best is that the courses are totally for free and besides enjoying a great afternoon with friends you will be discovering new gaming places every week!

Join the WIT Military Chess Group

 to find our more!








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