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Wan Er

Electronic Music Club

Wan Er, or known simply as “electronic music club” from the purple neon sign flashing through the second floor window, is a new spot to go if you need to chill, listen to a DJ and enjoy cheap beers in a fairly relaxed, albeit otherworldly atmosphere. 

Opened just last month, the inner decor is a black light/psychedelic environment topped with aliens and TV screens playing adult cartoons. Neon lights displaying the slogan “Tequila makes my clothes come off” above a bathtub filled with inflated pink flamingos is a promise to just what might happen at the club with the right people and conditions. Graffiti decorates the walls going up to the club. Portraits of hip hop stars hang idly by the graffiti, which looks decent enough to be featured in any Compton alleyway. 

The music, as played by the owner who took to being DJ for the night of my arrival - basic, modern rap and hip hop. It was fairly low-key that evening, which isn’t a bad thing. Different DJs and musical styles could be showcased on any night of the week.

No one was on the dance floor during my night there, but then again it was a Monday. Wan Er felt more like a place to chill. Hookahs were smoked at the several tables set around the club while people sipped their fairly cheap, 15-30 RMB bottles of beer and cocktails.  

I would liken “Electronic Music Club” as a more tasteful alternative to the tired go-to places to zone out like La Bamba and Helens during the week, and on the weekend? Countdown to blastoff.

Review and Images submitted 

by Ryan D. 




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