The truth about Tianjin's outdoor swimming pools

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There are probably few people who know it, but about 30 years ago Tianjin Summer was a great combination of sesame sauce noodles, mung bean soup, Shanhaiguan and outdoor swimming pools.

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It sounds almost unbelievable but Tianjin people actually do have childhood memories of a fun summer afternoon spent outdoor playing between green gardens and swimming pools.

Sadly today these images of summer joy are fading away and old black&white pictures are what remains of the Tianjin Summer Dream.

The memory of the famous 'Second Pool 第二游泳池 is still a vivid  memory for many Tianjin people. 

However all good stories come to an end. Pressured by the concurrence of newer more luxurious gyms with indoor pools facilities, in 2007 , the 'Second Pool 第二游泳池  ended its half-century glorious years.

What's left to enjoy the summer and cool off during hot afternoons?

Top picks from the community

By Markus


Vanke Playground


We have explored a new playground in Tianjin today and it’s the most amazing we found in Tianjin

Park is all free and is worth the trip if you combine it with a picnic there. 

By Tidjean


Tianshan Sea World Water Park


We have been at this aqua park with our two kids and they loved it. We spent the whole day sliding through the pools. The structure of the building is impressive! you can literally take a boat and make a full round of it!

Tidjean is right with being impressed about the dimension of this park! In fact, the Tianshan Sea World Water Park is the largest in China!

By Peter


Happy Valley


We went there on a very hot Friday and surprise, surprise: the place was not crowded at all!


We spent the day laying on the sand while the kids were on the slides. Overall a great day!

There are even some facilities for younger kids and the outdoor pool is not to be missed!

Little heads up for those who usually travel by car: finding a place to park is really hard. Better going by Didi. 

Many thanks to Markus, Tidjean and Peter for contributing by sharing with Mike their latest discoveries!

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Top picks from the team


Er Ai TuanBo SPA


It might not be one of the most adventurous places for the kids but it's definetly an option if you want to relax and lay back.

The choice between all the pools outdoor and indoor is not easy. Therefore we suggest to spend there the whole day or even the night.

The SPA is equipped with a hotel, if that's the plan don't forget to take your passport!

Hurry up and bring your family

Take advantage of the weekend to escape the heat

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