Tianjin food cravings with Preston


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Tianjin food cravings with 

Preston Foodie Emperor

Looking for comforting food after a bad day? 

We totally got you! 

These are some of Preston's favourite treats but we are sure you folk got so much more to share with us! 

I am so excited to check out your comments and see all that delicious food!

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Pepperoni Pizza


Pizza is a dish that perfectly encapsulates everything great about Italian cuisine: a few fantastic ingredients simply combined and beloved by all. 

How best describe the Pepperoni Pizza at Pizza Bianca?

Bubbly and browned, crispy and crunchy, it is packed with a nutty flavour.

Delicious mozzarella cheese and pepperoni done in a NY style

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Socotra Special


For sure everyone has heard about Hummus at least once in their life. It is a traditional Levantine dip that is enjoyed around the world. 

Once you’ve got to grips with hummus, I strongly recommend not confine it to chickpeas only! Try the “Socotra special”: a mezze plate with 4 different types of vegetarian dips. 


Enchilladas Verdes


 Ooey, gooey, cheese, and delicious Enchiladas Verdes! 

Instead of using or red-based sauce, these classic Mexican enchiladas Verdes are filled with tender chicken thighs and covered with cheese and rich tomatillo sauce for a filling family dinner.


USDA Prime Beef Fillet


Beef fillet is held in the highest esteem by many, considered the king of cuts of the king of meats. Although there is a slight trade off of flavour for tenderness, careful cooking of well-raised and hung beef fillet can result in a melt-in-the-mouth experience that is hard to beat.

A dish that exquisitely shows off the unique properties of beef fillet, Sear Stake’s filet  is delicious. With relatively few ingredients, its beauty comes in the careful cooking of the steak and creating a sauce of unparalleled intensity. Mouthwatering!

Tianjin food cravings with 

Preston Foodie Emperor comes back next month with more mouthwatering choices...stay tuned!

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