Tianjin’s scariest haunted places! (for real)


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1:Lost head in Fuxin River 

2:Haunted Jiefang south street

3:Nankai University mysterious voices

4. The ghost on the 15th floor in Heping

1、Lost head in Fuxin River 

It was a hot summer night of July 2005, a group of young people was swimming in the river when they suddenly saw a woman with long hair floating in the water. Driven by curiosity, the young men decided to get closer and closer to the girl when suddenly they noticed something strange. The woman had neither hands nor feet! All out of a sudden the girl swam quickly towards one of the men and at the moment of the collision, the young man realized that the girl swimming was actually just a head with soaked stinky hair. Few days after the police found out that the head belonged to a girl who was murdered and mutilated three days before.

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2、Haunted Jiefang south str.

In 2004, on Jiefang South Road in Hexi District, a man who was cycling to work was crushed to death by a car. Afterward, a crowd of onlookers discovered that the deceased was holding hundred yuan in his hands. According to the driver, the incident occurred because the young man on the bike stopped to pick up a banknote on the ground in the middle of the crossroad. It is said that this road is haunted and a ghost happens to set traps like this to take the dead bodies.

3、Nankai University mysterious voices

The building of the Department of Economics of Nankai University and the building at the back form the shape of a tomb. Several people died when they jumped from the upper floors of that same building. One year, few foreign students almost drowned in the lake of Nankai University and their teachers went down to rescue them. After some months the same teachers started hearing voices and are now in a mental clinic. They kept saying to have the same hallucinations of a woman screaming at them asking: ' why are you so noisy?'  

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3、The ghost on the 15th floor in Heping

Generally, people who live in high buildings use elevators, and the stairs have become a place that is ignored by most of us. One night a girl who lived on the 16th floor of a bespoken building in Heping happened to catch up with the elevator malfunction and couldn't use it. Looking at the long stairs, she was a little scared, so she asked her mother to go downstairs to pick her up. On the way upstairs the girl kept holding her mum's hand, she was shivering. When they passed by the 15th floor, which is still today completely empty, the girl's phone rang, and her mother's voice came out saying: " My girl, I am downstairs waiting, where are you?"




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