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Great sceneries around Tianjin for small pockets!

 Even during the Golden Week!

Holidays are starting soon and you may want to avoid too touristic spots

Here are some hidden places which are easily reachable from Tianjin and won't cost you a fortune!

Jiushanding Scenic area

Speaking of the famous scenic spots in Jizhou District, the first thing everyone thinks of is Panshan. However, compared to Panshan Mountain, Jiushanding Natural Scenic Area is more suitable for young people.


Jiushanding is the highest scenic spot in Tianjin. In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, there are many activities which are suitable for families and young people. Like for example the adventure park or the famous glass walk.

Another attraction is the cliff swing the first to be opened in Tianjin. It is built on the top of Jiushan Mountain and is about six to seven hundred meters above sea level.  

Super exciting!

Baoding YiShui Lake

Yishui Lake is located 30 kilometers southwest of Yixian County in Baoding. It is only 3 hours' drive from Tianjin. It has a water area of about 27 square kilometers and the water quality reaches the national second-class drinking water standard!

The lake is rippling with blue waves, you can go boating , diving , fishing, and boating .

GanTao Lake

This beautiful "Ω"-shaped bend in Shijiazhuang was originally named Gantao Lake and Zhanghewan Reservoir. It is hidden in the 'alpine' valley southwest of Shijiazhuang not far from Tianjin.

South of Gantao Lake, there is also "Jinshan Mountain ", known as the "Little Guilin" of Shijiazhuang. Jinshan Mountain is famous for the "Three Wonders" of Bihu, Maolin and Qifeng.

The most important thing is that it is completely free! free! free! Those who love mountains and rivers should not miss it!

Handan Shexian in WangJin Village

Wangjinzhuang is located in the eastern part of Shexian County and the east boundary of Wu'an City near Tianjin. It is surrounded by mountains and ravines. It is also famous for its traditional Chinese village.

Walking into Wangjinzhuang Village is like stepping into a China of thousands of years ago. The village still has more than 600 buildings of Ming and Qing architectural styles and more than 4,000 houses. Because of this unique environment, this place is suitable for artists and those passionate of Chinese history

Zhangjiakou grassland car tour road John Bunyan- style

Grassland Tian Road is one of the ten most beautiful roads in mainland China.

If you like to drive and have a car....well this might be you top one option for this year's Golden Week


These are all great places and definitely worth seeing however we still warn you that no matter where you go, it will be quite crowded so we advise you to be prepared and always have your mask with you!



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Zhangjiakou grassland is really nice. I did that over the summer holidays. Cheap hotels and a really beautiful drive.
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Nice article thank your very much for writing it
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