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#Voiceoftheday : Hadiatullah (穆文金

Hadiatullah is an international student from Indonesia and finished his Master’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Tianjin, 2020.


Today we wanted to share his letter with you to spread some strength and positivity. A much-needed moment of light, not just for the class of 2020 but for all of us. 

 毕业 快乐



Dear Graduates of 2020

Everything changed in January 2020, when Covid-19 cases got diagnosed in many parts of China. One of those cities was Tianjin, the city where I, and many of you reside. I suddenly felt worried and frightened, and family, friends, and colleagues frequently asked how I was doing. 

Universities actively took prevention measurements in order to stop the further spread of the virus. Teachers worked hard and  controlled and checked the health condition of all international students that remained at school. And they still do. Unfortunately, the cases still increased every day, and the city suddenly turned quiet. 

"Destiny sent us on a different path"

In the final year of my Master's studies, I coincidentally planned to spend my holidays at home to complete all the thesis preparations in my home country, Indonesia. I expected that everything would be under control after the winter break. However, after one month at home, cases were continuously increasing in my country, and the virus reached the state of a pandemic. For the sake of safety, most governments temporarily suspended all the international flights for foreigners in response to the difficult situation, including China. 

Checking the Covid-19 news became an everyday routine, while the situation worsened in the world. Going back to China became uncertain for all of us. As students in their final year, we hoped to feel the graduation vibe in our universities, to have a pleasant memory of our last year in the city, and to celebrate a memorable farewell with our teachers, local friends, and international friends. Nevertheless, our destiny sent us on a different path, and for all of us, a very unordinary story began.

"We will be stronger than ever before"

The word "Graduate" comes from the Latin word "Gradus" which means "a step towards something". We, the graduates of 2020, are about to take a step towards achievement. And even though we might not know for sure what comes next, some of us already planned to start a working career or study a higher degree. 

The current situation is special in so many ways. We do not just graduate, but we also live during a pandemic. A pandemic, that we will probably remember forever, the same way our ancestors remember wars. But unlike them, we have advanced technology that gives us something positive in times like this. The physical distance we have to keep right now cannot stop us from communicating and taking care of our duties. Technology supports and connects us. 

Yes, it is not easy, but we will overcome this period of time. And once we leave this period of uncertainty, challenges, and unique experiences behind,   we will be stronger than ever before.

Challenges and problems make us wiser and bring memorable stories in our lives

An unordinary story is not necessarily something negative. If we look at a problem from two perspectives, we can split it into a challenge and a teacher. Challenges and problems make us wiser and bring memorable stories in our lives.

A huge portion of our lives turned from offline to online. We are working from home, studying from home, spending most of our days at home. As a result, we learn how to work and study efficiently both offline and online. 

It is not easy, but we managed this semester, so we already started to form this new type of skill. The situation is forcing us to get adapted. Some of us are faster, some of us are slower, and it is ok either way.  

“A real dream is something that not only hangs on to you but you will hang onto it”

Of course, this is not even close to the graduation ceremony we wanted. We dreamed about walking across the stage, taking photos with our classmates, while friends are cheering us on. In the end, even though we might not feel uplifted because of the current circumstances, we have to keep our spirit high and follow our dreams. Steven Spielberg once said that “A real dream is something that not only hangs on to you but you will hang onto it”.

A real dream gives you tremendous power so that you can overcome every single barrier formed by people or environmental factors that work against you.  

We, the class of 2020 will not be accounted for by what we have lost to the virus, but how we responded to it and still reached our goal. Right now it does not matter where you are from because this is a time of unity and diversity in order to fight this virus and become a strong generation that looks in the future ahead of us




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