What the Lonely Planet is not telling you about Tianjin



Tianjin Adventure Weekend 


TOP 3 Locations 

not to be missed!

Tired of the same weekend routine?

Let's go, it's adventure time! Take your backpack and explore the city with it's hidden pearls





Limutai Scenic Area is a national 4A-level scenic spot. There are archean rocks formed about 2.6-3.5 billion years ago which create a beautiful landscape. Perfect for a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

✿ How to get there by bus:

1-Get to the long-distance bus station: 

Tongsha Station 通莎客运站 (tong-sha-ke-yun-zhan)-it's located right next to Tianjin Railway Station!


2- Hop on bus 199 

Bus schedule

Tianjin --->Limutai

Everyday from Tangsha Station

 8:00 and 9:00

Limutai --->Tianjin

Everyday at 5:30 and 13:30

Once you arrive at Limutai the entrance to the scenic area will be just 2km away from the bus stop.


-The ride takes about 2,5 hrs. 

-Take your passport, be there 40min. before departure.

-Purchase your ticket one day in advance and remember to take cash with you (they won't accept neither Alipay nor WechatPay).

Where to stay?

Wild not Wild Guest House


? This Guesthouse is one of the few around Limutai Scenic Area which is officially hosting foreigners. 

? The average price is 850 RMB/night (including 2 meals made with fresh ingredients from the local farm)

?  The guesthouse is located just 5 min. away from the entrance of the scenic area.

? Some of the staff speak English and will be able to offer the best comfort during your stay.

Get your discount!

'Wild not Wild' Guest House is offering to our readers 10% discount on your booking! Click the link below to grab your voucher and make your booking!



770 RMB 850 RMB



Haichang Polar Ocean Park


Haichang Polar Ocean Park is the perfect spot for a fun afternoon with your kids. You can enjoy the shows and find out more about what's hidden in the ocean!


Tianjin Tropical Botanical Garden


Located in Caozhuang, Tianjin Tropical Botanical Garden is the largest indoor botanical garden in Asia. The unique theme park in the northern region is comparable to the famous "Eden Park" in Britain.




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