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Tianjin's first screening round report:

97 cases 

What are the details?

Let's take a look together

97 cases of positive infection were reported after the first screening

As of 12:00 on January 11, a total of 97 cases of positive Covid patients were reported.

90 were in Jinnan District,

3 in Xiqing District, 

3 in Hexi District, 

1 in Binhai District.

source:   https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/wADpbly_v1zGjRpQbVJ0Zw

Medium and high risk areas

Just listening to the sound of the rain in the dark night outside the window, I will fill my heart with poetry. If you want to say beauty, there is no beauty at all. The road outside the house is muddy and difficult to walk, the flowers in the courtyard are scattered, and the travelers who travel at night are soaked.


According to the current epidemic situation, the whole area of Wangwenzhuang Town and Dasi Town in Xiqing District is designated as a control area, and closed control measures are implemented. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

o1. Implement regional control.

① Persons in the control area can not leave the control area, gathering is strictly prohibited. Residents of this area shall maintain order while reaching the locations for the nucleic acid testing. 

Each family can send one person every two days to buy groceries.         They shall carry the "Going Out Shopping Pass" issued by the community.

②The health code of the residents has changed to orange.

③ In order to ensure the normal life order, the CDC headquarters of the Xiqing District will immediately arrange enough material and daily necessities supply for the inresidents.

3. CDC is conducting further investigations.  Those who have been to the Rongda Flower Market in Dasi Town from January 4th to January 8th, please take the initiative to report to the neighborhood committee.




▷ Affected areas:

①Building 24, Zhuyuan, Ruijiang Garden, Jianshan Street, Hexi District

②Building 1, Hengsheng Building, Liujiang Road, Youyi Road Street.

▷Control measures:

① Strictly implement area-lockdown. Residents in relevant areas are asked to stay at home.

②The health code has become a "red code"

▷Affected areas:

①Ruijiang Garden Bamboo Garden and bottom shops along Jianshan Street, Hexi District

②Youyi Road Street Liujiang Road Qingquan Public Bath

③Shoanyan Hotel

④Oriental Regal Hotel

⑤Tianjin Xianwuweizhuo Catering Service Co., Ltd.

▷Control measures:

①Residents are strictly prohibited to gather" and stay at home 

②The health code is assigned "orange code",

③ Every 2 to 3 days each household can choose 1 person to buy groceries and daily necessities at designated stores within in the community.

▷Affected area

①Ruijiang Garden and surrounding bottom shops on Jianshan Street, Hexi District

②Epidemic prevention and control checkpoints at both ends of Liujiang Road, Youyi Road Street (except for the closed and controlled areas)

▷Control measures:

① Residents should conduct self-health monitoring, minimize going out, and conduct nucleic acid testing on a regular basis. (confirm with the community where you should do your next test)

② During the screening period, it is forbidden to leave the area

③ During the control period, do not leave the prevention area unless necessary

④Health code green code.


▷Closed area:

Xinzhuang Town's first Xingjing Garden (except Building 1)

Shangyue Garden (except Building 15)

Clearwater Century Garden (except Building 45)

Bishui Four Seasons Garden (except Building 46)

Lin Jin Garden (except Buildings 2, 4, 10, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 24, and 26)

Linxiu Garden (except Buildings 5 and 9)

Xinyu Garden (except Buildings 6, 10, 13, and 19)

Xinting Garden (except Building 3)

Yijia Garden (except Building 2)

Xinyang Garden, Xianshuigu Town (except Building 10)

Zhonghuili Community (except Building 5), Zhaohe Garden (except Building 6)

Tongze Garden (except Building 12)

Fengda Park (except Buildings 1, 10, 26, 33, 38, 40, and 41)

Longhu Zichen (except Buildings 3, 37 and 38)

Kanazawa Garden (except Kanazawa Garden Hot Spring Bathing Center)

New Taoyuan, Shuanggang Town (except Building 3)

Li Taoyuan (except Building 2)

Renyong Residence (except Building 6)

Shangli Garden, Beizhakou Town (except Building 31)

▷Regulations in the enclosed area :

① Implement lockdown of the relevant areas, residents are urged to stay at home.

②Regular nucleic acid testing

▷Control area: The area enclosed by Haihe River, South Outer Ring Road, Jingang Expressway (including connecting lines), Tangjin Expressway, and Shuangqiao River (excluding the closed control area)

▷Regulations in the control area:

① People are urged not to leave the control area, strictly implement control measures. Gatherings are strictly prohibited.

②Each family can send 1 person to go out to buy necessary daily necessities every two days.

▷Affected area: the whole area under the jurisdiction of Jinnan District

▷ Regulations in the prevention and control area :

① Residents should conduct self-health monitoring, minimize going out, and conduct nucleic acid testing on a regular basis. (according to the community instructions)

② During the screening period, it is forbidden to leave the area During the control period, do not leave the prevention area unless necessary.

source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/LEmFEEOiJCAO8MfPXyiiLws


Whether the health code changes color is the result of big data calculations

If your health code changes color without reason

Please call 02212345 to report to the staff.


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