Coronavirus; labour adjustments, regulations, wages in Tianjin


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Notice of postpone

The 31/01/2020

From: 津云 original article. 

With the exception of people working in the fields of urban and rural operation (water supply, power supply, oil and gas, communication, public transportation, environmental protection, municipal sanitation, and other industries), workers necessary for epidemic prevention and control (medical equipment, medicine, protective equipment production, transportation and sales and other industries), and necessary for people's everyday life (supermarket, food production, logistics and distribution and other industries) and other related directly related to national economy and people daily life.

All other enterprises shall not return to work until further notice.

All kind of school reopening is postponed

Time of reopening will be communicated in the near future

Tianjin new coronavirus infected pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters


The text while pretty clear for school and education-related units may be harder to understand for some other industries. For example, didi car drivers are auto-entrepreneur, as are a lot of deliver people and may not be concerned by these measures and are necessary to maintain the national economy and people's daily life.

No date has been given for the end of the period.


It is worth noting that your employer can ask you to work at home.


If your employer can not make you work at home, Chinese labor laws enforce that wages are paid from the first day or forced unemployment see measures under.

Labor relations measures

The 24/01/2020 was issued a "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on properly handling labor relations during the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks of new coronavirus infection"

Official article here:

We invite you to read a translated version, but here are the principal points.

First rule 

If an employee is unable to perform his tasks, because of sickness, because of quarantine, medical isolation, because of government restriction or emergency measures from the government (this is the case actually). The employer shall pay wages to the employee and shall keep the employee till the end of the measure or till the employee quarantine, sickness or isolation period ends.

In case the labor contract ends up in this period, the employer shall reconduct the labor contract until the end of the medical period, isolation period, quarantine period or until the end of emergency measures from the government.

Wages adjustments

If an enterprise suspends production within a wage cycle, this cycle wage is due in totality.

In case the situation of quarantine, emergency measure, isolation, sickness continues for a next wage cycle the employer can adjust salary to a "living expense compensation". Living expense standards will be announced by provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. (around 860元 in 2018 for Tianjin)


In case employees and employer fail to go to arbitration in the time allowed, the arbitration process period will be postponed.


Local human resources and social security departments shall strengthen guidance and services for laborers in affected enterprises, increase labor security supervision and law enforcement, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees.


This article has been sponsored and written by Tianjin Link. With more than 10 years of experience, Tianjin Link is a Sino-French consultancy join venture leader in providing business solutions for foreign enterprises.




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