Government notice: second round of testing on 12th afternoon for all employees


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On January 12, the Tianjin Municipal People's Government issued an important notice. The full text translation is as follows:

In order to do a good job in the second round of nucleic acid testing, the Municipal People's Government has decided that the city's organs, enterprises and institutions will have a half-day holiday on the afternoon of January 12 (Wednesday). Persons are requested to remain relatively still in their place of residence, and cooperate with the second round of nucleic acid testing according to the overall arrangement of the prevention and control headquarters of each district and the organizational arrangements of the streets (townships) and communities (villages). During the nucleic acid sampling period, please take personal protection, wear a mask throughout the process, keep a distance of more than one meter to prevent cross-infection, and pay attention to cold protection and warmth. After nucleic acid sampling, please stay at home and wait for the nucleic acid test results, and only move after receiving a negative result. Relevant enterprises and institutions should make overall arrangements to ensure the operation and safety of the city.





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