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February 06, 2020


From the official notice: 即日起全市居民小区实施封闭式管理


On February 6, "Tianjin Municipality's Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters" issued a "Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Residential Communities"

I. Closed community management

All residential compounds have to implement enclosed-community management. The implantation shall be done by management. For compound without management, a community of appointed citizen shall implement these measures.

All un-necessary entry and exit points shall be closed, and people not wearing a mask shall not be allowed to enter the compound.

Forcing entrance, or using one pass for multiple entrance behavior shall be reported to public security.


2. Registration of residents

Entry and exit of persons and vehicles in the community shall be registered. A 24-hour checkpoint shall be set up in the entry and exit corridors. All guests and people external to the community shall be registered and people who are returning to Tianjin shall be registered. Delivery of food and products are forbidden in the compound, and pick up shall be done outside the compound gate.


3. Electronic registration

Registration should generally take the form of electronic registration, and those who need to register should fill in relevant information through the mobile phone WeChat “visiting person registration platform”. 

If it is really impossible to adopt the electronic registration method due to objective reasons, the community registration personnel can manually record the personnel information and then enter them in the "visitor registration platform".

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4. Health watch

Residents who develop symptoms such as fever and cough must promptly seek medical attention and report to the community as soon as possible.


Persons with abnormal symptoms such as fever, cough, diarrhea, and fatigue must report to the street and community health center or relevant health departments in a timely manner.

5. Rental management measures

The actual and real status of rented units in the community shall be updated, all lesser and tenants shall be registered. Landlords shall perform supervision, and timely understand, grasp and report the actual situation of the renters. 

If the landlord fails to manage or conceals and fails to report the accurate status of the rented property, it will be held accountable according to law

6.Decoration and renovation

All decoration and renovation works shall be suspended. Only urgent repairs as water, electricity, gas, are tolerated and shall be first reported to the community for consent. Construction personnel shall be measured for temperature and registered.

7. Prevent gathering

Leisure shared area shall be closed (as sports rooms, card rooms, basketball fields). If you witness such activities please report.

8. Increase awareness

Promote disease prevention and knowledge in the community, through visual, bulletin boards, slogans, WeChat accounts, WeChat groups. Guide the residents in "not making rumors, not spreading rumors, or believing in rumors".

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