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Why paragliding is an excellent adventure sport? more exciting than rock climbing or rafting, but no effort! Plus you get to experience that rare feeling of real freedom!

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GoPara School

You mean for FREE?!

GoPara School is offering to GoExpats communities 20 tickets for a FREE  demo course! It's worth 600 RMB so you'd better be fast and snap yours!

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3 hours with skilled paragliding coach Cici will get you from newbie-level to some basic mastery of your wings. With little theoretical part, Cici will guide you through the practice and....there you go! Ready for the take-off!


Wait, what about language barriers?

Cici is Chinese but she will teach you all the secrets of paragliding in English. She has been practising and got her certifications in New Zealand!

Is it safe? It's my first time!

Paragliding is indeed listed on the extreme sports list, however, don't be scared a tandem flight with Cici will be completely effortless and safe. You just follow her directions and enjoy the ride!

When can I come?

Anytime you want! of course, paragliding works best when the weather is good so check the weather conditions first!

I want to find out more about it

Curious to know more about paragliding in China? Get into the group and meet Cici!

Scan the QR code

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Open your wings of freedom!




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I’m interested in the Para Gliding. I have a fair amount of canopy time thorough Skydiving (1000 jumps).

After I do some training, are there solo rigs available to rent or try?

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I assume tibia in Chengdu

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