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Don't panic

It's an indoor type of week. Instead of staying glued to your WeChat groups staring at spiraling chatter, let's think about some positive uses for the time. We've compiled some useful links, activities and project ideas to help keep your body and mind healthy.   

We'll need some impactful quotes to start things off:

"Let's go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over."

— Shaun of The Dead, 2004

Err ... well, it's not recommended to go to the bars right now, how about ...

"Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?" 

— Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

That's pretty good! But maybe a bit intense, let's keep this light hearted: 

"Don't panic" 

-Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy


Food and Water



DMART provides home deliveries through its WeChat APP & Website in English. They have been supporting since their opening and are the top choice for delivered foods and ingredients.

They have recently updated their internet services with a super convenient WeChat mini program, all in English

D-Mart APP in English

Your regular fresh market may be close, don't panic, 7Fresh can deliver fresh products to you all around Tianjin. Make sure to order early, most of the restaurants are closed and most of the people will eat at home so be ready to fight for your veggies.

7Fresh App in Chinese

Eating fruits and veggies is the best way to straighten your immunity.

Restaurant / Food Deliveries

Most of them may be closed because of the Chinese New Year or because of the coronavirus. You can check with the 美团 food delivery application which one is delivering to your home.

美团 App in Chinese


Boil tap water If you do not have a water delivery man or water filtration system at your home. Most of the small shops are open and will provide bottled water. Wear a mask and wash your hands after going out!



Start an exercise routine. Set a timer for 15 minutes and do what feels right, then adjust accordingly. You can find some great home workouts online from the many fitness resources out there to follow along with. Don't stress about which is the most perfect-est one. Just put in 15 minutes to begin with and make it a healthy part of your day. This is a sure way to boost your mood. 

Some searches to start with: 

Stretch routine


Home Calisthetics 

Body Weight Exercises

Ballet & Yoga


Clean your living space

A great way to start things off for 2020 is to do a deep clean of your living space. Start with the big objects (laundry, desk, tables, then work your way down to the nitty gritty stuff like scrubbing that smudge out of the sink. Computers and phones can also use some deep cleaning - start with the desktop and spend time putting files in folders, deleting unused apps and prioritizing what's useful to you.

Art projects: 

Draw, paint, color, doodle, sing, dance... it's a great time to explore your creative side.


Find a comfortable spot to get whisked away in. Learn of amazing people and places, interesting ideas, and topics. 


Other projects to consider:

What about that website you've been thinking of making for a while? Maybe you've been contemplating starting a side business or you just want to learn a new skill. Now's a great time for that!

Online Tour

Take a culture tour of Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing and other Chinese museums virtually! 

Exhibitions can be viewed by copy / pasting these links into your browser.

Tianjin Museum's Exhibitions:








Shanghai Museum: 


Forbidden City Beijing: 


Other cities' museums can be found by copy & pasting the links found in this article: 



Open up a map and follow down a long winding road. Learn about some of the lesser known lands. Plan out your next vacation. 


Catch up on your favorite shows or discover new ones!

You can find the Chinese name of your favorite show here: 


and watch it on these platforms (when available)


Bilibili.com - It's like a more social version of youtube. (Ps - you can turn off the scrolling comments across the screen)


Youku - China's Youtube


iqiyi.com - China's Hulu


open.163.com - Online courses

Please note that some of them may ask you to pay a VIP fee for most recent shows.


Video Games

There's a lot of games to be played. One cool thing about living in China is being able to play video games with the locals. 

For those at a lower Chinese level, If you have experience with a certain type of game, then most of the Chinese games on the phone and computer are playable by just the game icons. You'll begin to learn new characters over time and maybe even make some online friends. 




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