Official: mandatory quarantine in Tianjin start the 17 March


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Starting at 00:00 on March 18th, all oversee returned person shall go through 14 days quarantine. 


You will be brought by appointed transportation from your port of entry to an observation center, people with fever will be conducted in a hospital


People without symptom will have to go through 14 days of mandatory quarantine in designated are (mostly a hotel from your destination area)


You will have to pay for your quarantine, exact price is not known but will be arround 500/day. Please share with us in the above section if you have more info.


Some exceptions could be asked for an at home quarantine, but we still do not have an official docuemnt about exceptions. Please share with us in the above section if you have more info or  can share an experience.

Short term business visa owner will have to restrict their own activties after quarantine.

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Official statement

March 17, 2020


From the official notice: 18日起所有入境来津人员集中隔离观察14天 费用自理 配置专业医护和工作人员


(editor’s note in green)


To control the spread of the epidemic and to maximize the control of the source of infection, and to cut off the channels of transmission, Tianjin will comprehensively implement measures for centralized isolation of oversea incomers passengers.

Beginning at 00:00 on March 18th, except for those who have suspicious symptoms such as fever (those will be sent directly in hospital), all persons (foreigners or Chinese citizen) who enter the country from any place should be transferred to a centralized observation point for a 14-day centralized isolation medical observation. 

They will be transferred to the centralized observation point of the area where they live by a special car.


And stay under observation by professional medical staff with regular health monitoring and provided with basic living services to identify any problems in time.


In special cases, home observation can be conducted after strict evaluation. (if anyone as more information about special cases please share in comment)

Short-term immigration businessmen who come to Tianjin and are negative to viral nucleic acid tests will need to implement health monitoring and limiting business activities (after the 14 days quarantaine need to keep limited activities for non-resident, ie: business visa holders)


The costs of isolation medical observation will be bear by the overseas returnee. 


Those who do not obey the centralized quarantine medical observation or misinform authorities, conceal illness and cause the spread of the epidemic will be held accountable according to law and regulations and incorporated into the social credit system.





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500/day for 14 days is an overkill, especially when people aren’t getting their salaries due to the outbreak and stingy employers.
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