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The reporter learned from the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention that on June 17th, Tianjin City added a new case of local new coronary pneumonia. The 137th patient, male, 22 years old, currently lives in Huaixiang Garden, Huaihe Road, Pudong Street, Beichen District, and is a kitchen employee of Conrad Hotel. The hotel resumed production on May 6 and the patient has been doing dishwashing since May 30, during which he was occasionally responsible for cleaning frozen seafood ingredients. At 8 o'clock on June 16, fever symptoms accompanied by dry throat, the highest temperature of 38 ℃. He went to Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, Nankai District Xuefu Hospital and Nankai District Santan Hospital successively. At 10:30 on June 17, 120 ambulances transferred it to a fixed-point medical institution for isolation and treatment. The condition was stable. After a comprehensive analysis by the municipal expert group, it was determined to be the 137th case of new coronary pneumonia (light) in our city.

The trajectory of the newly confirmed local cases in our city is now announced. The Tianjin Prevention and Control Command requires that anyone who has direct or indirect contact with the confirmed case at the same time and in the same place please contact the local CDC immediately , And actively cooperate with centralized isolation medical observation or home medical observation, and nucleic acid detection. Anyone who conceals and does not report and causes the spread of the epidemic will be dealt with according to law.

The trajectory of confirmed cases in the past 3 days is as follows:

June 14th, morning to 17:00, all at home; 17:09-17:18, near the intersection of Puji River East Road and Vanke Garden East Road; 17:40-17:47 near Junsheng Road; 17:59 Arrive at home; walk from home to Wuergo Supermarket (Huaixiangyuan Store in Beichen District, Tianjin) around 21:00 and walk home at 21:43.

On June 15th, he departed from his home at 9:05 in the morning and rode an electric car to work at the Conrad Hotel. During this period, he did not leave the hotel; at 20:00, he departed from the hotel and rode the electric car home.

In the morning on June 16, walk from home to Huaihedao Station on Metro Line 5 at 9:01, take the subway from Exit C, transfer to Line 3 at Zhangxingzhuang Station to Tianta Station, and exit at D of Tianta Station at 9:51 Go out of the station and take her mother's electric car, go to the General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University at 10:03, leave at 11:02, and leave at 11:10; arrive at Xuefu Hospital, because of the self-reported fever, the hospital recommends that it go to a hot clinic nearby , Leave at 11:49; return to the home of Longjingli Community in Nankai District at 11:55; take the electric car from Longjingli Family in Nankai District to Santan Hospital at 15:53; see the doctor for a hot clinic; 17:18-17:38 Anshan Xidaoliu Yinling Meiling Ramen Restaurant; after dinner, return to the home of Longjingli Community in Nankai District; 18:35 take the mother electric car from Longjingli Jiazhong in Nankai District to the B line of Xikang Road Station of Metro Line 3 and transfer to No. 5 at Zhangxingzhuang Station Line to Huaihedao Station and return to home in Beichen District.



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