Shanghai & Tianjin foreigners can now get Covid vaccine and come back to China


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The recent big news is about foreigners being able to leave and re-enter China if they have been vaccinated.

A list of now 110+ countries citizens are able to travel back to China if they have a Covid Vaccine certificate since at least 14 days.

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Get vaccinated in Shanghai

Foreign individuals who are eligible will be able to receive domestic made COVID-19 vaccines, municipal authorities announced on Tuesday night, making Shanghai the first Chinese city to publicize vaccination plan for foreigners.

A Mini-Program program fully dedicated to foreign vaccination will be released on Monday the 29th of March.

Foreigners who have social security card will get it for free, the other will have to pay 100 yuan.

They will need to present their resident permit and passport or permanent residence card and social security card (if they have one).


We will publish a complete guide on how to register and more information about the vaccine in Shanghai in the following days.


Please register with us to receive any update about Shanghai vaccination.

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Get vaccinated in Tianjin



The roll-out of vaccines for the 18-59 age group has started for people who aren't having theirs done by the company. Registration is being handled by the local community resource centers.  You should see in/around your residential area (maybe in the lift) a QR code.  Using WeChat to scan it, you will be taken to a registration site. It is only in Chinese, but fairly straightforward.  It only allows you to enter a Chinese name, but has no problem entering a passport number instead of ID card. Once registered, you just need to wait until you are allocated an appointment.  The vaccine is free for everyone. 


Big thanks to Peter and Kari for tipping the GoExpats Team about vaccination opening in Tianjin.


GoExpats Team has called the 12345 hotline services and they confirmed that foreigners can get vaccinated after approval from their building management or the local neighborhood committee.


If your management office 物业办公室 does not know about the vaccination availability you may ask them the direction of the nearest 居委会.


Bring your passport and your bèichákǎ, as said before they will invite you to register with a qrcode and you can input passport number and Chinese name into the system


[link] Bèichákǎ in Tianjin all you need to know! 


Good luck!


Hello, where is the Property Office in our community?

nǐ hǎo ,wǒ men xiǎo qū de wù yè bàn gōng shì zài nǎ lǐ ?


Hello, where is the neighborhood committee of our community?

nǐ hǎo ,wǒ men xiǎo qū de jū wěi huì zài nǎ lǐ ?


Hello, can foreigners get vaccine now?

nǐ hǎo ,xiàn zài wài guó rén kě yǐ dǎ yì miáo ma ?


Hello, help me make an appointment for the vaccine.

nǐ hǎo ,bāng wǒ yù yuē yì miáo 。

Have you made the vaccine? Is your community ready for foreigners vaccination? Do you have a good tip to share with the community?

Please share with us




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