Stricter control measures in these districts


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Municipal CDC Headquarters issued

 the Circular No. 4 

strengthen the management and control measures in Tianjin's risk areas: 

Jinnan District, 

Hexi District, 

and Xiqing District


1. Reduce their going out, encourage home office, and strictly implement prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, code verification, and wearing masks when entering and leaving the community.

Public places

shall be closed

2. Public places such as massage, beauty, chess and card rooms, game halls, theaters, cinemas, gyms, offline education and training institutions, dine-in restaurants and religious sites shall be closed. 

Retirement homes, and mental health institutions shall implement fully closed management. 

3. In strict accordance with the epidemic prevention and control regulations such as closed control areas, control areas, and prevention areas, accurately assign codes and transcodes to personnel within the jurisdiction, and strictly implement relevant control regulations. Unblock the epidemic policy consultation hotline, and solve problems such as safe travel of the masses in a timely manner.

4. For government agencies, public security, police, firefighters, community workers, medical and health personnel, personnel related to water, electricity, heating, coal, gas, transportation, logistics, pension, sanitation, funerals, communications and other related personnel within the jurisdiction of the epidemic prevention and control: personnel must be strictly checked for personal protection and epidemiological history. Two points and one line are implemented to reduce movement and reduce the risk of epidemic infection. When necessary, regular nucleic acid testing is carried out for risk personnel who must participate in the work.

basic living material

markets, pharmacies...

5. Markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies and other places that supply basic living materials shall continue to operate and strictly implement relevant epidemic prevention measures such as: temperature measurement, code verification.  To prevent crowds from gathering, these places should allow only 50% of their maximum crowd. 



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