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Are you still wondering what is the China-Italy development creative centre next to Minyuan in the WuDaDao area?


Besides being a creative hub for fashion, furniture designers, architects from China and abroad, the China-Italy development creative centre is home of creativity and extravagance. Excentric artists might find this space quite delightful and inspiring, young Instagram Influencer might take the chance to come over and take some good shots for their next posts.


Crowded with paintings and furniture which resemble the old European style, the Mercato di Milano offers a good range of big and niche fashion and furniture brands. Besides that, here you can find beautiful Italian  handicrafts and accessories, Venice ZECCHIN crystal glasses, handmade leather bags, Italian wines, Italian Tesori d'Oriente fragranced bath products, etc.,


It's quite difficult to spot good places for great and unique posts. However, if you happen to come frequently here you will notice that this place will mutate quite frequently offering great chances for influencers and photographers to do some great shootings.




visit us!

Opening hours: Mon. ~ Sun. 10: 00 ~ 20: 00




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sounds like an amazing place. cannot wait to check it out
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On my way
Haha, for a good ins’session
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