This September, celebrate with MADE IN ITALY two years together


 Happy Anniversary Made in Italy!!!

"An instance of pure enjoyment fully Made in Italy"

Thinking about a trip in Italy, colorful images may come to up to your mind: fields, historical sites, mesmerizing landscapes...In the movie “Eat Pray Love” Julia Roberts goes to Italy to find back the pleasure of enjoying food and life and she becomes an enthusiast of the Italian “dolce far niente”. How many times have you felt swollen by the crowded and loud city? When was the last time you have asked yourself am I even enjoying life?

Good news! What you need is not a flight ticket to Rome. A taxi or a subway ticket is way far than enough to reach this tiny and sophisticated Italian nest in the heart of Hebei District.


It has been two years since Made in Italy have set its roots in Tianjin. “This time has been filled with good memories and new friends” said Raff. 

If it’s the first time you hear about Made in Italy, then you may want to take the opportunity to celebrate with them their second year of anniversary! They will offer an unlimited 20% off voucher for dinner during the whole September! 

FREE Bottle of Wine for the first 20 bookings!

The first 20 bookings will be awarded with a free bottle of wine. 

You can choose between two wines from Campania: Red wine Aglianico DOC or the white wine Falanghina DOC. This region was already known in Roman times, was a little like a top Bordeaux today: guarantee of fantastic quality.

How to get your free bottle?

1) Make a reservation scanning the QR on the left.

2) After the confirmation of your if you are one of the lucky 20, share the article on your moments and get your free bottle at the restaurant.


Raff and his international staff will welcome you with open arms and will make you enjoy that instance of dolce far niente while sipping on a glass of wine or tasting your meal. Be ready for a roller coaster of flavors and colors. The warm embrace of garlic, tomato and red wine in the Ragù is enough to see away even the bluest of days. Fresh ingredients and passion for food is what you should aspect at Made in Italy. About the Pizza, that crispy and crunchy packed with nutty flavor, this may be your dinner tonight? How about pairing that with one of the 30 Italian wines available? 

No matter if it’s for a coffee break or a dinner with your beloved ones, at Made in Italy you will find yourself immersed in a world of enjoyment.


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