Tianjin labor bureau adjustement for the coronavirus outbreak


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After the annoucment of the entry-exit adminsitration arrangments, Tianjin labor bureau is enforcing measure in order to fight with the coronavirus outbreak

Tianjin Entry-Exit Administration Suspension Notice.

February 03, 2020



From Tianjin labor bureau*; regarding the national temporary non-meeting measures and the work permit for foreigners to work in China


In order to enforce the prevention and control of the epidemic of coronavirus infection, new measures are immediately enforced by the Tianjin labor bureau.


I. All online application

At the end of the online application, the originals of documents do not have to be submitted at the window. Only a letter of  “future submission commitment” has to be stamped/signed by the applicant. The process will be all online for renewal situations or when a meeting  is not necessary. 


2. Hotline

You can call the 24538914 to enquire of the status of your application


3. EMS Service

In case of new application or cancellation, the applicant can apply for EMS service to receive final documents from the labor bureau


4. Enforcement

The Bureau will strengthen supervision after the coronavirus event. Applicants who didn't follow the commitments in the Letter of Commitment and submit false materials and information will be classified as dishonest units and will see application canceled and receive administrative punishment.


These measures will start on 03 February 2020 till further notice.



Download the template for the commitment letter here: http://www.cnthr.com/upload/files/2020/2/16fbb4aa35e018f7.docx 



original notification source: http://www.cnthr.com/channels/218.html 


*Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

Zhongtian human resources

Tianjin human resources and Social Security Bureau

Tianjin Employment Promotion Association

National vocational qualification training appraisal experimental base

Tianjin Binhai overseas talents offshore innovation and entrepreneurship base


This article has been sponsored and written by Tianjin Link. With more than 10 years of experience, Tianjin Link is a Sino-French consultancy join venture leader in providing business solutions for foreign enterprises.

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