Travel in and out Tianjin in the Spring Festival Q/A


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In less than 1 month the Spring Festival will start, and people are starting to ask these questions:

Can I leave Tianjin and return home this Spring Festival?


What about leaving Tianjin

What  about entering Tianjin

Nucleic acids test in Tianjin

Can you leave Tianjin during the Spring Festival?

The Tianjin Prevention and Control Headquarters advise that people do not leave Tianjin, do not to leave the country, and do not to go to high-risk areas of the epidemic, but it does not mandate that people stay in Tianjin during the New Year Festival, which means that everyone can travel to their hometown during the Spring Festival.

At the same time, party and government cadres should take the lead to advocate for holidays in Tianjin, strictly control large-scale events and gathering activities, and cancel group worship, partying, and other activities.

Encourage units in Tianjin to implement flexible vacations, guide staff to leave Tianjin in shifts, and organize the return of staff, teachers, and students to Tianjin in an orderly manner.

Tianjin elementary and middle school students are suggested not to leave Tianjin unless necessary, to reduce going out, and insist on not having meals or party gatherings.


Tianjin has suspended the inter-provincial long-distance passenger transport line and inter-provincial passenger chartered bus service in and out of the 4 provinces and cities of Beijing, Hebei, Liaoning and Heilongjiang; Taxi drivers (including private cars and online hailing cars) are not allowed to carry passengers to medium and high-risk areas.

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Leaving Tianjin for other places

At present, the whole area of Tianjin is a low-risk area. According to the policies of major cities in China, there is no need to quarantine, and in most cases, nucleic acid testing isn't needed. Health codes are mandatory.

However, some cities currently require "nucleic acid test reports from low-risk areas travelers." For example, Wuhan, Gansu Longxi, Anhui Huainan, Henan Jiaozuo, Hebei Qinhuangdao, and other places require a nucleic acid test when coming from low-risk areas.

GoExpats warmly remind you to always call the 12345 hotline before leaving Tianjin for other places.

You can also call the corresponding community workstations and neighborhood offices of the area you plan to visit to consult relevant prevention and control requirements.

Coming back to Tianjin

From low-risk domestic epidemic areas


Returning to Tianjin shall present a green Tianjin Health Code. Under the premise of normal temperature and personal protection, no other formality is required. 

From high-risk domestic epidemic areas

If, when returning, your Tianjin health code is orange or red, you will have to present a negative nucleic acid certificate of 7 days or less. However, it should be noted that starting from January 5, 2021, Tianjin Jizhou District, Beichen District, Ninghe District, and other regions require personnel with a history of living in key epidemic areas to hold a negative nucleic acid certificate of 3 days or less

Those arriving without a nucleic acid negative certificate must undergo a nucleic acid test, and must be observed at home before the nucleic acid test result is released. 

At the same time, for those returning from key areas such as medium and high risks, they must immediately report to the community or work unit, provide truthful travel history, actively cooperate with health management, nucleic acid testing, and other related work, and actively show the Tianjin health code and communication big data itinerary card. 

If symptoms such as fever and dry cough occur, they should not go to public places, do not participate in party activities, do not take public transportation, and immediately wear a medical mask and go to the nearest fever clinic, and inform the staff of travel history, contact history, etc.

From abroad.

Tianjin strictly implement the "14+7" closed management of international incomers. 

All people entering Tianjin will continue to strictly implement a 14-day centralized quarantineand will be subject to double detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid and antibody on the first, seventh, and 14th days after entry. 

After the 14 days of quarantine another mandatory at home quarantine for 7 days, and perform double detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid and antibody on the 21st day after entry. 

For those who cannot meet the requirements for home isolation, they will stay in centralized quarantine for the 7 remaining days.

List of the test centers in Tianjin



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