Updated Risk Areas in Tianjin


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On January 11, 2022, at the 165th press conference on the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Tianjin, [...] it has been confirmed that total of 97 cases of covid-19, in [..] 90 were in Jinnan District, 3 in Xiqing District, 3 in Hexi District, and 1 in Binhai New District.    [...]

About the patients : [...] theoldest patient is 74 years old and the youngest is 5 years old.


According to the on-site flow investigation information, the transmission chain of this round of epidemic has been sorted out. The current epidemic is mainly distributed in Jinnan, Xiqing and Hexi districts, mainly spread through school students and their families, funeral personnel and other people involved in gatherings in the affected areas.

At present, the source of infection in this outbreak has not been identified. Hidden community transmission had occurred when the outbreak was discovered. However, the transmission relationship between infected persons has been found to be relatively clear, and all infected persons are related to Jinnan District.

About the first round of screenings

The first round of nucleic acid screening in Tianjin began at 7:00 on January 9. A total of 11,912,280 people have been sampled, 7,892,591 people have been tested, and 77 positive cases have been detected . The relevant testing work is still in progress .

According to the progress of the current epidemic situation, Tianjin has dynamically adjusted the scope of community management and control. 

original source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/2zwlNcNExVGRjaQG5PV5mA 



To check if your current location is listed at high, medium or low risk you can use the goverment app: https://pages.uc.cn/r/feiyan-map/FyMapPageMap

Epidemic Map

The Epidemic Map is a useful tool to track the general number of cases and suspected cases and their location. It's a tool very easy to use, in a few clicks you will be able to understand the situation around you. 

 enter the website and then follow the instructions below.





1. Click on the three dots on the top to translate the content.

2. On the side you can find the exact locations sorted by name.

3. Here you can have a look at the case's history.

Government hotline and Official app

At the moment you are probably using about 3-4 apps on daily basis, eventually reading several WeChat Accounts to keep track of the Covid, however, if you wish to directly check the official source of the information now present online, I would suggest you use the Official Government app. It's fully in Chinese, but with WeChat translator you should be easily your way around it.

For any other doubt about the current situation. Please refrain to refer to unofficial sources, instead consider double-checking through the official Department of Dieses Control (CDC) Hotline: 




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