Tianjin Coronavirus cases nearby? Online map have been updated!


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February 07, 16:34, 2020


Yesterday and this afternoon, the giants from the internet: Baidu, Tencent, and a less known Ruice have launched platforms that display live maps of the neighborhoods where coronavirus pneumonia patients live. 

Launched yesterday in the evening these applications have been updated this afternoon with more data provided by China's official sources.

Up to 80 key cities across the country are covered now, including Xi'an and Tianjin suburbs.


The data are evolving hour after hour, Xi'an and Tianjin suburbs just started to get covered.

Information is not complete and differs on each platform. These are informative tools only, you shouldn't base personal decisions on information based on these applications but only follow official sources, government advice and doctor advice. These platforms are not error-proof.

Ruice Platfrom


+ Mini app direct in wechat

+ Nice design easy do use

- Less data, no Tianjin, no Xi'an


-Direct Link-



Baidu platform


+ Some data for Tianjin

+ Ok interface

-  Weblink


copy/paste don't click

long press and scan


Tecent platform

+ Most complete data (Tianjin sub + Xi'An sub)

Hard to use design (no map)

Need to copy paste into web browser to translate


copy/paste don't click

long press and scan


Data are added hour after hours in each of this plaftorm


WeChat Image_20200207191314

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