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Updated 10/02/2020:

Added link & QRcode for real-time air company policies regarding coronavirus in part 10 of the article


In this article, we will presents tools to go through the coronavirus outbreak. 

"Stay informed, sharp-minded and independent"

Please fast scroll to your interest using the article number, or click on the link.


Get the up-to-date numbers from official source


Get accurate and up-to-date news from official sources


Tips and tricks to not get too bored at home


Grocery with delivery link collection


Find the nearest fever hospital from your home


Find near of your home pharmacy


Check on line if you didn't buy counterfeit medicine


Avoid crowded area


Check if you have traveled with infected patient


Check on your flight info

Labour laws adjustments, regulations, wages in Tianjin

Tianjin Entry-Exit Administration Suspend Service, Hotline Number for emergency

Tianjin labor bureau adjustment for the coronavirus outbreak

GOExpats Tianjin

1. Numbers

Official up-to-date numbers

Official numbers can be found on the official source bellow.

Link to copy/paste in your browser, or scan QRcode to get the numbers:

copy/paste don't click

long press and scan

Direct mini app link

These are from official sources, so it is in real-time but in Chinese, let us take you through it with the most important translations:

2. Sources

Get the real info in real time

While un-official accounts can only send one batch of articles once in every 24 hours, official sources are not limited in time. 

So if you want to be always informed* you should follow these sources:



They are the voice of Tianjin government.

Any official news or announcement will be found on one of these account. 

Open the article click on 天津日报 or 津云 on the top left and click on follow

 Tip 1

The articles are not full of images and effects, they are pure text that make them very easy to copy-paste and translate.

Try google translate or Baidu translate and you will be amazed by the quality.

 Tip 2

On mobile, to get Baidu translate (our mobile choice) just copy/paste “百度翻译app” in

copy/paste don't click

the first link will be the good one.

On pc you can choose between or (our pc choice)

 Tip 3

We prefer to open articles directly on our PC; you can open the article you want to read in WeChat for PC.

copy/paste don't click

Install it in english and open the article in chrome, translate with Chrome (no vpn)

*GoExpats reminds you not to spend much time reading news and reading coronavirus related group chat.

You better spend your time focusing on personal  health and development during the crisis.



3. Hang in here

A healthy brain in an healthy body

You can refer to our article: Mindease guide through the coronavirus

Or join our "Let's Have Fun" WeChat groups



Join our fun wechat groups to speak about everything except the coronavirus.

Send #fun1 to Mike or read the article to know more

4. Shop Online

Direct link to online groceries


All in English, imported food supermarket. 

Supports the community since 2005, fast  delivery, kind English support (big up to Dora!)

D-Mart APP in English

 7 Fresh

Mix of imported and local products

Make sure to order early in the morning

App in Chinese


For restaurant deliveries, find restaurant that deliver arround you.

App in Chinese


General groceries

App in English 

(EN on the top right corner)

 Fresh Every Day

The veggies and fruits specialist

App in Chinese

5. Hospitals map

In case of fever, you will have to go to one of the designated fever hospitals in Tianjin.

We really wish that you will never have to use this part of the article, but it is always better to know what to do.

In order to find the nearest designated hospital from your home, you can use the Baidu map app.

 Tip 1

To be sure you get the good  and last version of Baidu map: just copy-paste "百度地图app" at the address

copy/paste don't click

 Tip 2

After opening the application and getting localized, find the button: layers 图层.

Click on it, and select  the blue button 更多  "more", at the right of  生活便民地图 "convenient maps".

Then select 发热门诊 "fever hospital" to see hospital near your home.


more button

fever hospitals

Here the english list of fever hopitals given by government for Tianjin

6. Pharmacy

Better know them all arround!

May be you could find an hidden pharmacy near your place?

Some pharmacy may be hidden, and you may not be aware of them. Baidu mapp, again, is offereing a solution.

 Tip 1

To be sure you get the good  and last version of baidu map: just copy-paste "百度地图app" at the address:

copy/paste don't click

 Tip 2

Copy paste 药店 into the search bar

7. Counterfeit check

Get the right stuff!

It is extremely difficult to give instructions about how to check if your masks or medicine are genuine. 

Some articles will recommend you to check on 

if the serial numbers match the description. 

We guess it is not that complicated to reproduce these numbers on the fake products. 

We tried it and it was extremely hard to navigate and understand for our Chinese staff.

We have compiled here a list of photos of fake and real masks, for sight comparaison and information purposes.

Direct Link

8. Avoid crowd

Better way to stay healthy is to avoid the crowd

It may not be the case for now at all, but one day you will have to go somewhere and you may want to avoid overcrowded areas. Baidu map, again, is offering AI predictive tools.

 Tip 1

To be sure you get the good  and last version of Baidu map: just copy-paste "百度地图app" at the address

copy/paste don't click

 Tip 2

After opening the application and getting localized, find the button: 图层 "layers".

Select 热力图 "hot spots", and you can see how the crowd is distributed in Tianjin.


hot spots

09. Check your travel risks

Worried about your recent travel?

You can check if you had coronavirus cases on your fligh or train here:

copy/paste don't click

long press and scan

Enter your plane or train number our choose your city to get all inbound travelers.

This red button means that you had a case on your train/plane, click on it for more info.

10. Flight info

Airlines policies updated in real time

copy/paste don't click

long press and scan

Live real-time up to date info on canceled or delayed flights:

copy/paste don't click


long press and scan


This article has been sponsored and written by Tianjin Link. With more than 10 years of experience, Tianjin Link is a Sino-French consultancy join venture leader in providing business solutions for foreign enterprises.

You can contact one of the partner on WeChat: ptshilei or scan the qrcode under




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