Important notice: Working permit new renewal deadline (30 days)

Important notice: Working permit new renewal deadline (30 days)
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 An information has been published the 07/12/2017 on the official SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) website and WeChat official account:

Starting on the 28/02/2018 all renewal applications will have to be submitted 30 days before expiry date in order to conduct deeper investigation. 

 Please read the original article:
or scan the qrcode under WeChat

We contacted Tianjin bureau, and they will apply the nationwide rule. No exception will be made and if you fail to do so you working permit will be cancelled and you will have to start for scratch (which means, going back home, doing paper legalization, health certificate, criminal record…). That rule will be applied on work permit A, B and C. 

After calling them it appears that it’s 30 working days, so please take in account holidays and week-end. 

If you are doing your work permit on your own, please note the new deadline, if you are working with an agent, chances that some of them won’t hear about it, so you should inform them.

Please share this article, it is a top priority information


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