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Breath of fresh Mexican air
(Updated: October 19, 2018)
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Zii Mexican has made an amazing initial impact on not only the Tianjin nightlife bar scene but in addition has also greatly contributed to the culinary delights of importing palate-defining original Latin food from Mexico. The menu contains a plethora of native Mexican dishes that imitators can only envy given the Mexican chef's passion, knowledge of his native land and experience in the food industry, both home and abroad. The menu is accompanied by a level of service that is equally enviable of a top level establishment in both the delivery times of drinks and of the food itself. The Mexican/Chinese service at Zii ensures you will always arrive greeted by a friendly smile and an amiable yet unintrusive greeting and conversation. The only downside is that Zii Mexican is not as physically large as other establishments which makes it more of a bar/restaurant than an outright restaurant in terms of size. Having said that, Zii consists of two floors which I found to be rather cozy and intimate. Large groups would have a slight issue here. All in all, fantastic for an intimate night enjoying Mexican food, music and hospitality!
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