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Ximalaya you tan shuyuan
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Himalaya ,Weijing South Road, Nankai District
Chinese Address
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Distance from subway
572 m



At Himalaya Serviced Residences Nankai Tianjin, your beautiful, fully-serviced home is a mere 300 meters walk from Metro Line 6, bringing all the railway stations and the airport right to your doorstep. With the proximity to the University Town, there are plenty of affordable food options, fast fashion choices and expert medical care a stone’s throw away.

Want to escape the laid-back naivete of the University Town? The Central Business District of Binjiang Road, Tianjin Hutong District and the Aocheng Commercial Plaza are a mere ten minutes away.

With the one-of-a-kind unobscured views from your room, your time in Tianjin is guaranteed to be made exceptional with Himalaya Nankai Tianjin.

When traveling abroad, my eyes and footsteps are too greedy. I can't wait to see more and walk more every second. I am eager to be surrounded by the breath of other places. This is a popular vacation, but it is also far away from physical and mental relaxation ...

Himalayan is a "new species" in the real estate industry. It has opened up new business ideas by means of both rent and sale.   If service apartments are quite unusual   , this new business modelis is a true rarity.

 Coffee, Convenience Store and readig space

A new way to see Himalaya

The moment you entered the lobby of Himalaya apartments you will be impressed by the stylish decoration and functionality of the spaces. 

The first floor is not just a simple lobby, but a reading space by all means.  The Himalayan "Yu Tan Academy" is located here. The reading room give the entire space a sense of tranquility and rare relaxation that isolates from hustle and bustle of the city.

| Photograph of Youtan Academy

For all our book worms the Youtan Academy is the place to be!  There are many books here from Chinese and international litterature.

| Photograph of Youtan Academy

It is quite interesting that Luckin    Coffee is also settled in Youtan College on the first floor , and it provides that coffee aroma which match perfectly with your favorite book.

 | Real Lucky Coffee

What's better than having an imported food convenience store inside the residence?

Can you still recall those times when you couldn't find your favorite snack in any convenient store? Well this is not the case of Himalaya. 

Golf? Cinema?

All t you need right at home

Himalaya provides all the facilities and confort that you need right when you need it

 | Executive Lounge & Meeting Room & Tea Room

The Executive Lounge is a good place to talk about things. 

Meeting room & tea room, a good spot for meetings and chats with working partners. 

 | Gym & Private Theater & Golf Room & Buffet Breakfast Room

What is even more surprising is the private cinema and golf experience hall in the  residency. Residents can enjoy a relaxing night with friends watching their favourite movies or exercising with at the golf experience hall.

 | Meeting Room & Private Cinema

In addition, Himalayan also set up a self-service breakfast room on the 28th floor exclusively for resedents . A full range of Chinese and Western food is guaranteed and it will satisfy you.

 | Enjoy a meal at the buffet breakfast restaurant

Indoor children's area, gym facilities are all available . Outdoors, there is also a children's playground, open-air theater.

 | Social garden real map

New species of five-star hotel

Warm apartment interior

Unlike five-star hotels, here you can find a social and cosy atmosphere. 

The rooms have a modern layout and present exquisite details. This lined  up with the standards of a five-star hotel. What Himalaya wants, is to provide to residents a more comfortable and homie experience.




 | Indoor space real map

What our visitors think about this new Himalaya concept

"Some people say that buildings in cities are making people more and more lazy, and I want to say that maybe this is what urban life should be like. If you can enjoy life in this lifestyle, please let me be lazy like this!"

·········    HIMAL A YA   ··········   

All information in this advertisement is for reference only. The relevant information is subject to the actual existing house. This advertisement is not an integral part of the contract for the sale of commercial housing between the two parties, nor is it an actual delivery standard.



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