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Jie Fang Bei Lu (Jie Fang North Street)


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Jie Fang Bei Lu (Jie Fang North Street)
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jiě fàng běi lù
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The Modern History of Tianjin - Jiefeng North Road

The Modern History of Jiefang North Road

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The development of human history 

Is the mutual influence of different cultures. 

The process of  blending with each other  could be considered the handshake of economy and trade, 
or perhaps the only glimmer of beauty after a time of war.

These historical stoned pillars have calmly faced countless stories since their creation in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

The former Kailuan Mining Bureau

This magnificent modern structure was built in 1921. Designerd by The British Business and Engineering Division (Idekson and Dallas). The use of strictly symmetrical three-stage composition, the style is dignified and steady. The Kailuan Mining Bureau is known as the source of China's coal industry, which has helped ignite the rapid development of Tianjin's industry in modern times and contributed to the formation of the modern railway network.

Original Jincheng Bank

Original Yihe Yangxing

Former Belgian Consulate

Former McGary Bank

The Longest-established Royal Chartered Bank in China. The existing building was built in 1926, designed by the British Business Jingming Engineering Division. The building is gorgeous and solemn and is a masterpiece of neoclassical style banks. The original McGary Bank is the predecessor of The current Standard Chartered Bank. Founded in 1853, the head office is located in London, England, with the aim of adapting to the expanding trade needs of British India, Australia, and China. 

The original four-line savings association Tianjin Branch

Former Citibank

Former Central South Bank

Former HSBC Bank

Tianjin's oldest and largest foreign bank in modern history. The existing building was built in 1925 and was designed by the British Business and Engineering Division (Idekson and Dallas) and by Australian architect Berne. Adopting the neoclassical style of modern bank architecture, the posture is Founded in 1864, HSBC is headquartered in Hong Kong. Tianjin Branch officially opened in 1882 and is the first foreign bank in Tianjin. HSBC was the largest bank at Tianjin. HSBC was the largest bank at Tianjin. HSBC was the largest bank at Tianjin.

The original Yokohama Zhengjin Bank

 The existing Japanese owned building was built in 1926 by the British Commercial and Engineering Division (Idekson and Dallas) with a three-layer hybrid structure and four partial floors. Adopting neoclassical style, emphasizing symmetrical composition, the overall shape is stable and gorgeous. Founded In 1880, Yokohama Masaki Bank is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and the Tianjin Branch was established in 1899. During the Second World War, it dominated the daily exchange market and funded the development of Japanese companies in China.

Old Photo for Mr. Kondo Jiuyi Collection

Old Photo for Mr. Kondo Jiuyi Collection

Old Photo for Mr. Kondo Jiuyi Collection

The former Sino-French Industrial and Commmercial Bank

Designed by French architect Maritite of the Legal and Business Yonghe Engineering Division, it was built by the French company Yonghe Construction Company. Since the building was at the corner of the junction of Tianjin Ying and the French Concession, the docked street was not in a Straight line, so the architect intentionally designed the shape of the building as at a curve, to align with the surroundings and connect the streets.

The Original Huayao Daosheng Bank

The original Huayao Daosheng Bank has a rare Russian heritage. The existing building was built in 1900 and uses the Renaissance lighting pavilion, the Roman-style arch, and the Baroque curved peak, which is an eclectic style. The China-Russia Daosheng Bank was Founded in 1895. The head office is located in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is operated jointly by the Qing government and the Russian government. The bank undertook the construction and operation of the Middle East Railway.

Former US Navy Club

The Original Daqing Post Office,

The existing building was built at the end of the 19th century, the walls are decorated with exquisite bricks and arches. The doors and windows are the perfect combinations of European classicism and traditional Chinese brick carving. In 1878, the Tianjin Customs Office issued the first set of stamps in China, with the words "Daqing Post Office" printed on the logo of Xiaolong, also known as the Dalong Stamp. In 1897, It was renamed Daqing Post Office.

The former French Public Presecutor's Office,

The existing building was built in 1931 by architect turned business products company Leo · Mendelssohn design. With the Parisian Academy of Fine Arts, the neoclassical style is rigorously symmetrical and the style is steady and spectacular Originally known as the City Hall, the French Public Prosecutor's Office is the integrated management body of the former French Concession. It is also the best preserved and highest-quality building in the existing administrative structures of the various concessions in Tianjin. In September 1945 , the surrender ceremony of the Japanese army stationed in Tianjin was held in the square of the former council.

French Parliamentary Authority

The French Council is derived from "Roaming in Tianjin"

Former North Korean Bank

The former salt industry Bank,

The master building of modern architecture from the hands of Chinese architects and architectural history. The existing building was built in 1926. It was designed by the architect of the Huaxin Engineering Department, Shen Liyuan, to design the entrance of the Greek temple. The three-stage composition with classical features. The Salt Bank Building is the only modern building in Tianjin that was included in the history of Fletcher Architecture. The Salt Industry Bank was founded in 1915 by national capitalists. The head office is located in Beijing, And the Tianjin branch opened in the same year. Because of its close relationship with the salt business, it is called the Salt Industry Bank.

Former Oriental Bank,

a masterpiece of imitation architecture using Baroque and Renaissance. The existing building was built in 1912 and was constructed by Biyiyi Company in accordance with the design drawings provided by Paris, France. The building is rich in detail and the colors are bright and generous. It was demolished after the 1976 earthquake and rebuilt in 2015. Founded in 1875, Crédit Agricole is based in Paris, France, and is a French colonial bank in the East. In 1907 , he established a branch in Tianjin and joined in the aftermath of 1911 and 1913.

Former Beiyang Baoshang Bank

Former French Ministry of Industry and Trade

The original French club,

 Was built using the architectural masterpieces of Europe's most popular Art Deco style at the time. 

Former Xinhua Trust Savings Bank

New Building on Jiefang North Road

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Tianjin Jiefang North Road is adjacent to the Haihe River, with Jiefang Bridge in the northwest and Jiefang South Road in the southeast to Xuzhou Road. In the modern history of China, it was once a concentrated place for foreign banks. It is known as the "The Oriental call Street of the Tianjin financial institutions. The name of Jiefang North Road is one of history. The French call it the Great French Road. The British call it Victoria Road. It is called the " Central Street” because it runs through the British Concession and the French Concession and is at the center of the two concessions. Today its name is Jiefang North Road.

Jiefang North Road, as a gathering place for financial industry in Tianjin and even in northern China, dates back to the mid-19th century. In 1860, Britain and France built roads in the Tianjin Concession, and started from the French Concession Wan Guoqiao ( Also known as the French Bridge, today's Liberation Bridge), and built a major traffic trunk to the south, running through the two concessions. The central area of the French Concession is the political and economic center of the concession. Enterprises, foreign banks, and shipping companies from various countries came to Tianjin to set up institutions to engage in trade and trade. In 1880 (6th year of Guangxu Emperor), HSBC Bank first came to Tianjin to set up an institution and became the first Foreign bank in Tianjin.It opened here in 1882 (Guangxu eight years). From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, more than 10 foreign banks were established in the English and French Concession. Due to the concentration of foreign banks, some of The larger foreign banks and insurance companies rushed to do business here. In the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, Chinese new banks gradually emerged and concentrations here. Before 1937, this street had become a famous financial center of the north. After The liberation of Tianjin in January 1949, foreign banks were withdrawn from Tianjin, and the Tianjin Branch of the People's Bank of China was established on Jiefang North Road. After the reform and opening up in 1978, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China,China Construction Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China successfully set up Tianjin Branches here.

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 Of all buildings listed above in this article

Original Yuzhong Hotel, No. 2 Jiefang North Road

The original Baifu Building, No. 3 Jiefang North Road

Original Xinhua Trust Savings Bank   (now Tianjin Department Store)   No. 10 Jiefang North Road

Former Guangming Building, No. 18 Jiefang North Road

Original DD Hotel, No. 25 Jiefang North Road

Former Meifeng Yangxing, No. 26 Jiefang North Road

Former French Club, 29 North Jiefang Road

Former French Ministry of Industry and Trade Bureau  (now Tianjin Metrology Institute)  No. 34-36 Jiefang North Road

Former Beiyang Baoshang Bank, No. 52 Jiefang North Road

Former China Agricultural Bank of No. 55 Jiefang North Road

Former Sino-French Industrial and Commercial Bank of 74-78 Jiefang North Road  Special Protection

The former Oriental Huili Bank  (now Tianjin Baoquan Investment Co., Ltd.)  77-79 Jiefang North Road

Original Yokohama Zhengjin Bank, No. 80 Jiefang North Road (now Bank of China Tianjin Branch International Settlement Department) Special Protection

Special Protection of HSBC Bank, No. 82 Jiefang North Road

Original Central South Bank, No. 88 Jiefang North Road  (now China Construction Bank Tianjin Branch and Peace Branch) Special Protection

The former Citibank Building, No. 90 Jiefang North Road  (now the Agricultural Bank of China, Tianjin Jiefang Road Sub-branch) Special Protection

General Protection of the  former Huayi Bank  (now the Industrial Bank of Tianjin North Jiefang Road Branch)  , No. 91-95 Jiefang North Road, No. 8 Chengde Road

Former Jiu'an Commercial Bank, 94-96 Jiefang North Road

Former North Korea Bank, 97-101 Jiefang North Road  Special Protection

Original Xintaixing Yanghang Building, No. 100 Jiefang North Road  (now China Merchants Bank Tianjin Jiefang Road Sub-branch) General Protection

103-111 North Road, the liberation of the original Great Qing Post Office  Special Protection

The former Belgian Consulate of 104 North Jiefang Road  (now the China Construction Bank Tianjin Peace Counter)

The liberation of 108 North Road, formerly Jincheng Bank Building  protection

Key Protection of the  former US Navy Club  (now Insurance Cooperative) at  No. 113 Jiefang North Road

Special Protection of the  former Central Bank  (now the People's Bank of China, Tianjin Branch)  , No. 117-119, Jiefang North Road

Former Tianjin Lihua Building, No. 108 Jiefang North Road

Original Huayu Daosheng Bank, No. 121 Jiefang North Road Special Protection

The liberation of 125 North Road, Tianjin Branch of firms in mind the original kernel  protection

Yuan Ren Ji Yang Xing Tianjin Branch, No. 129, North Jiefang Road

Former Guohua Bank, No. 145 Jiefang North Road

Tianjin Branch of the former four-line savings association of No.147 Jiefang North Road  (now the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Tianjin North Jiefang Road Branch)

Special Protection of the  former Macquarie Bank Building at 149-153 Jiefang North Road  (now the China Postal Savings Bank Jiefang North Road Branch)

The liberation of 150 North Road, Watsons pharmacy former general protection

The liberation of 157 North Road, the former Jardine Matheson Building  special protection

Original Tailai Hotel, No. 158, North Jiefang Road  (now Tianjin First Hotel)

Former Welfare Building, No. 161 Jiefang North Road

The original surplus building at No. 164 North Jiefang Road

The liberation of 165 North Road, Swire original building protection

Former Evans Book Company Building, 171 North Jiefang Road

Former Tianjin Printing Hall, No. 189 North Jiefang Road

Ruilong Yangxing, No. 193, North Jiefang Road

Liberation Road 199 Astor Hotel  Special Protection

Original British Club, No. 201 Jiefang North Road   (now the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal People's Congress) Special Protection

Chengde Road 12 original French public discussion Bureau  (now Tianjin Administration of Cultural Heritage) special security protection

The original Fengye Building, No. 10-12 Yingkou Road  (now Tianjin Transportation Group) General Protection

Original Zizhulin Church, No. 16 Yingkou Road  Special Protection

Former Chongde Hall, No. 20 Yingkou Road,  General Protection

Tai'an Road 5-1 Original Kailuan Mining Bureau Building  Special Protection

Introduction to Jiefang North Road and major historical buildings originated from Baidu Encyclopedia

Shooting date: November 27, 2017, May 13, 2018

Shooting location:  Tianjin  Shi  ·  Jiefang North Road

Translated and Published with the consent of the original photographer and editor [ Zheng Ying]

Unauthorized use of the above photos is strictly prohibited

Edited [Zheng Ying] - Charles

[ Photograph ]

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Banks once built by dozens of countries line both sides of these streets. Some banks, such as the Bank of China retained the same interior even today. You will not have a more pleasant stroll through the now quiet streets of North Jiefang Rd.
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